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Bluetooth headset how to maintain?

Like other appliances, Bluetooth headset is also in need of maintenance, maintenance is good, we use longer time, bad Bluetooth headset life will be greatly shortened, no matter what is the case. The first is to put our Bluetooth headset in the pocket when the power button to turn off, it will not lock the screen as we can phone, if you do not turn off in the pocket may press the other buttons. Do not place in damp places, long time inside the circuit board easily aging loose, leading to poor contact Bluetooth headset, affect our call. Can not use a strong liquid wipe the Bluetooth headset, Bluetooth headset easy to get the shell. There is the temperature of the Bluetooth headset storage temperature is not too high or too low, otherwise it will seriously reduce the life of the headset, the general Bluetooth headset storage temperature of minus 10 degrees or 60 degrees, do not exceed this temperature value.

Do not touch the Bluetooth headset, there is a danger of explosion. Do not let the earphone touch sharp things, will cause different degrees of damage. Do not Cheap Beats Headphones disassemble the beats by dre headset, do not place it in bright or dusty places. If you do not need a long time on a dry place, more than a month to promptly charge the Bluetooth headset, this will ensure the normal use of Bluetooth headset, and the battery life. When we are in normal use, try not to put it in direct sunlight, not to place heavy objects on it. Its temperature is generally 18-40 degrees, to stay away from heating, heating and other heat sources. Second, when the shutdown, do not remember to turn off the power when not in use. This will make your speakers use more time after a charge, but beats solo also save energy and more green. The last is the volume adjustment. When using the wireless Bluetooth speakers to listen to music, it is better to avoid the sound transferred to a larger, Beats By Dre On Sale" href="/">Beats By Dre On Sale because just started because the components did not go through the preheating stage, so the internal structure is very unfavorable, it is recommended to use for a period of time after the appropriate amplification of the volume.