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Bluetooth headset how to do water

After the headset into the water, of course, the first is dry, whether it is dried by the sun or hair dryer. To be dry after the Cheap Beats By Dre headphone moisture, you can connect the phone or computer to try whether it can still be used. If you have no effect on the sound quality, of course, can continue to use. However, if the sound quality damage or headphones can no longer hear the sound. Bluetooth is a low-cost, high-capacity short-range wireless communication specification. Bluetooth laptop, is a laptop with Bluetooth wireless communication capabilities. Bluetooth technology is not just used in computers. Bluetooth technology is used in many electronic devices such as mobile phones, digital cameras, camcorders, printers, fax machines, and home appliances. So, Bluetooth headset how to do? If you do not appear the situation of the Bluetooth headset into the water, give everyone a convenient easy to use local methods. Is the direct use of hair dryer to dry Beats By Dre Sale" href="/">Beats By Dre Sale the Bluetooth headset, remember to fully dry, if there is no dry will charge the Bluetooth headset is likely to lead to short-circuit the Bluetooth headset internal circuit, the circuit burned Bluetooth headset basically calculate scrapped slightly . So, friends if their own Bluetooth headset into the water must be careful to handle dry remember to recharge.

Many times we will accidentally put the headset into the washing machine along with clothing or drop the water, which led to the headset into the water. So, the headset can continue to use water? What changes on the headset after the water, we can first understand the principle of its sound, that is, tympanic membrane vibration. Second, the sound of earphones into the water becomes smaller or cause damage to the sound quality, the main reason is that water droplets stick to the tympanic membrane above the tympanic membrane deformation, affecting the tympanic membrane vibration frequency and vibration of other parameters. Then there is no reliable solution after the headset into the water? We can try the following methods: First of all, you can try to remove the water in the headset, the main method is to dry, cool dry, against the back of the earphone hard blow and so on. Second, it is to make the tympanic membrane shape as ever, this is the key. The specific method is, in the case of very little water in the headphones, first clean the front of the metal headphone position, and then use the mouth to hold the front of the headset, the first face of the headset exhale, do not leak, you will hear piapia voice, and then Inspiratory headphones, do not beats by dre leak, you will hear the voice of piapia, a few back and forth, the ear drum shape will be restored, but do not blow too hard and when washing. Finally, complete a suction or inflatable, so that the eardrum in one direction. However, it should be noted that, because a long time into the water and then the cheap beats tympanic membrane caused by the hot wind deformation is not good, and the method may not be suitable for all headphones, after all, the headset quality is superior.