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Bluetooth headset exploded? Who will save our music?

A female passenger was woken up during sleep due to the headset she was wearing on fire. It is reported that this type of headset is a type of Bluetooth headset with battery, but fortunately she found timely, otherwise the whole face must be buried in this headset on the. After the incident, we beats by dre wireless have a lingering fear. This is a battery explosion event, appeared in the headset we carry, then look back at your Bluetooth headset, you dare to wear it? Although there are many quality Bluetooth headset, but who can guarantee the next explosion is not us? So who can save our music if I'm afraid to use a Bluetooth headset with battery? Such headphones using high-performance lithium-ion battery, there is no danger of explosion. And the bone conduction mode, can make our ears from strong sound impact. Can not only enjoy the beautiful music safely, without fear of our hearing is damaged, is it done double benefit? Bone conduction beats solo headphones, both ears open the design, you can keep alert to the surrounding environment, to increase the safety of carrying. Microphone-like built-in remote control, a touch, you can answer the phone. After hanging with nickel-titanium memory alloy, even when running and jumping can maintain a solid wear.

Bone conduction headset, won the 2013 US Science and Technology Innovation Award, not only flexible and resistant to bending, but also has superior waterproofing performance. Built-in 300 mA safety battery, not only can have 10 hours of battery life, but also to avoid the risk of accidental explosion. We say the Bluetooth headset explosion, does not mean that all the Bluetooth headset can explode, the real risk of explosion or bad Bluetooth headset in the battery. So, if we choose a headset without a battery, we can avoid the headset exploding. Headset with a new noise reduction technology that allows us to immerse ourselves in high-definition music environment. Shark fin silicone earplugs, but also for our long time to wear to use. Triport acoustic structure design and unique dynamic equalization technology, but also bring a full bass low-frequency effect. Sports headphones, ergonomic and hollow design, enhance the comfort at the same Cheap Beats Headphones time, but also for our long-term wear. beats solo Anti-sweat waterproof ability, even in strenuous exercise, but also sweat without fear of sweat. Equipped with remote control buttons, but also to facilitate our track replacement and answer the phone. Why use headphones to listen to music, speakers not work? Although we like to use headphones to listen to music when we go out, there are many friends who have the habit of using headphones even at home. Long-term wear headphones, more or less will cause damage to the ear, so can use the speaker when we absolutely do not use headphones. Speaker using full-range magnetic field speaker unit, you can make the sound more rich and delicate, more shocking expression. 1500 mAh polymer battery, but also be able to maintain 8 hours of battery life. High-quality metal diaphragm, not only responsive, but also can bring sweet sound quality. Sometimes, we may feel more trouble using the speakers, and carrying inconvenient, this time want to listen to music should be how to do it? With a HiFi player do not have to. This player is like a small speaker, although only the size of a cell phone, but it can have a speaker-like power.