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Beware of ear pregnancy, high energy in front!

Speaking of headphones, probably no one will feel strange. This little thing that you go to work every day, get off work will be hung in the ear, is a bridge connecting your soul and music, so that you fully understand the joys and sorrows of music, emotions, play a mediating life, cultivate sentiment. In recent years, the headset culture can be described as a prosperous, long history of the European audio giants headphones; design saucy sound explosion American pop headphones; or for girls born in Japan-style headphones, flowers bloom hundreds of contend, let you dazzled. Choose a suitable headset what is it feeling? After it appears, all other headphones will become will. Speaking of rock, after most of the 80,90 should be able to talk all night long feeling. As a type of music with a long history, rock has captured a large number of rebellious youth through its wild, rebellious and unruly rock spirit. It has become a unique faction in the field of music and is pure chicken blood music.

When it comes to rock, you have to talk about reggae. Unlike the rock mass and chicken blood, reggaeton small minority, and have a soothing, lazy properties, but also to make people relax, deposited in the melody. However, the commonality of the two kinds of music is that the sense of rhythm and rhythm are very strong. If you want to feel the charm of reggae and rock, you should have a headset called "rhythm master". Built-in dynamic audio drive unit, with a balanced tri-band effect, good at using sound IF interpretation of human aesthetics, and Cheap Beats By Dr Dre" href="/">Cheap Beats By Dr Dre by virtue of strong bass, fully highlight the rhythm of reggae and rhythm, Will chop.

If the sound of the instrument constitutes the body of the music, then the human voice can be said to give the music Cheap Beats By Dr Dre a unique soul. Pop vocals is a relatively broad area, many types of music are very focused on the performance of human voice, such as R & B, jazz, folk, Pop, etc., which also makes the headset enthusiast, there has been a group of " "Self-owned groups. If you also addiction to life, then your headphones must be fine. About the fine headphones, mainly reflected in the audio level of detail and presentation power, the distinctive level of the instrument sound and vocal style can beats by dre be open to let you fully feel the charm of human voice. Colleagues, rich in detail and presentation, will not put any human voice details, especially in line with the "tooth" control taste. The concept of sports headphones, headphones in recent years was proposed a new definition. As people pay more attention to sports, more and more people begin to use their leisure time to do exercises such as fitness and night running. In sports, music can make people more excited and effectively reduce the fatigue of exercise, which makes more and more people like to wear headphones during exercise. Traditional headphone equipment is difficult to provide users with excellent playback during exercise, for many reasons. Unusual headphone structure can not be worn in vigorous exercise to maintain stability, and exercise a lot of sweat or light rain weather movement, will be greatly affected headphones, and even scrapped. So sports headphones appeared, breaking Beats Headphones Cheap the routine, born for the sport.