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Avoid being fooled by these details when selecting headphones

A lot of friends may have eaten the headphones when they have eaten more or less profiteers and have been knocked over by some knockoffs and poor quality products. Cheaper prices are often an important factor for profiteers to entice people to buy. When buying headphones, it is better to choose a brand of headphones. The realization of many big-name headset products are not all superior, in order to meet the needs of ordinary consumers, these big-name headset manufacturers also introduced a lot of inexpensive headphones. Since the mobile phone canceled the 3.5 interface, Bluetooth headsets are becoming more and more popular with consumers. Currently, good bluetooth headsets in the market all support aptX, aptX HD and LDAC which are any of the high-quality Bluetooth transmission protocols, because these high-quality Bluetooth transmission protocols are the prerequisites for the sound quality of Bluetooth headsets. When purchasing a Bluetooth headset, the first thing to notice is the Bluetooth version of the headset. Today, the latest version is Bluetooth version 5.0 released in June 2016. Life is also a beats by dre studio beats by dre studio concern for consumers when they purchase Bluetooth headsets. There are many Bluetooth headsets claiming how much battery life can be achieved, but there are very few specific instructions in what circumstances can reach this life time. At present, the current battery life of a Bluetooth headset is basically calculated according to the playing duration under the SBC protocol. The higher the transmission quality, the more expensive it is. Therefore, if you use the LDAC Bluetooth transmission protocol, you will find that The battery life of the headset has become shorter.

For many consumers to distinguish the various noise reduction is not very clear, there are two types of noise reduction mentioned in the Bluetooth headset, beats by dre studio active noise reduction and call noise reduction. Many consumers choose to see a noise reduction function on their headphones. They think that the headset has active noise reduction. In fact, it only has noise reduction during the call. For this, consumers must look carefully. In short, how to choose a headset that is suitable for you, in addition to the basic parameters, appearance, the above few details still need to pay attention. Be sure to pay more attention to the purchase before you can successfully buy your favorite products.