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Audio equipment use taboo music needs care

Sound the most common music in the family equipment, compared to other electrical appliances, the use of its many taboos, coupled with high-quality audio prices, if not only save, it is very regrettable, let's take a look at the following fever Some of the audio equipment contraindications to it. The popularity of audio equipment and enthusiasts gradually increased, high-end equipment into the success of our lives, but for tens of thousands or even tens of thousands of audio and equipment, how should we protect, how to beats by dre wireless extend its life has become People are discussing the problem, in order to ensure that enthusiasts better and longer time to enjoy their own equipment, this time for our friends inventory of the use of audio equipment under the taboo, hoping to help enthusiasts to enhance their equipment life. We must first say is that friends are very easy to forget, switch the order of audio equipment, say this point because the process in the switch machine, the equipment will be the impact of current, over time there will be burned and other damage, so that our Equipment in a moment ashes.

Audio equipment audio processor equipment (frequency divider, equalizer, effects, etc.) power amplifier TV projection and so on. Shutdown order and boot the opposite order, so that we can to a certain extent, the protection of our equipment from the impact of damage, develop habits, enhance the life of our own audio equipment. Stacked equipment is the name of the CD Beats By Dre Sale" href="/">Beats By Dre Sale machine, amplifier, converter, etc. stacked together. Why stacking equipment is not desirable? First stack equipment will affect the impact of a certain degree of shock, followed by stacked equipment will let the laser machine and amplifier and other equipment interfere with each other, will affect our overall voice.

So what is the right thing to do? In fact, want to avoid stacking the easiest way is to put the equipment on a dedicated Beats By Dre Cheap shelf, or you can change the space for a little place to place. As we all know, the sound equipment cleaning not only can enhance the clean effect, but also to a certain extent, enhance the life of the sound, but in the clean, clean corner may be easy to forget a point. Like the wiring of the audio wire is the most easy to forget the clean corner. The reason why to clean the audio equipment terminal, because in its terminal after a period of time, more or less there will be oxidation, oxidation of the oxide film will affect the contact state of audio equipment to reduce the sound quality of our equipment. So when cleaning, Beats By Dre Sale we can use the cleaning agent to clean the terminal contacts to ensure that our audio equipment can always maintain the best connection status. There are a lot of friends around the fever, in order to make the desktop look more neat, a lot of wire tied together. This approach seems to clean the desktop, but this will be tied together when the wire, also need to pay attention to the place. That is not the power lines and signal lines tied together, because the AC flow through the wire when it will affect the signal, the sound quality of our equipment damage.

In addition, friends do not signal line and speaker line knot, this approach will also affect the sound quality of equipment, and signal lines and speaker lines if too long, you can change it to shorten, but the signal line will have Direction, in the use of time never make a mistake, otherwise it will irreparable damage to wire and equipment. In fact, to see this topic friends have already know, although this is a simple to not in a simple question, but it is these seemingly no brain problems, so many friends of the equipment suffered a disaster. Friends all know that most of the domestic speakers are 220 volts power supply design, but some imported back speaker products, the use of 110 volt power is used. If this situation continues to use, it may make your speaker instantly scrapped off. And before listening to the first line should also check whether the correct wiring, the potentiometer position is too large. Want to solve the voltage problem I believe many people have been very clear, as long as a transformer will be easy to solve. I believe that a lot of people like home in the KTV users will encounter, that is, if the microphone is too close from the speaker, or point to the speaker, then the sound will form a whistle, do not underestimate this point, if the situation is serious Will burn the loudspeaker part of our speakers. The speaker in the use of time, in addition to pay attention to the microphone point, but also pay attention to away from the magnetic field, such as mobile phones and monitors, etc., and the speaker can not be placed too close, this situation will produce signal interference noise , So friends in the use of speakers, we must pay attention to this point. In fact, the use of loudspeakers in the taboo there are many, such as the interference of the signal inside the room, the power plug is positive and negative part of the wiring is not strong, speakers placed, etc., we first introduced to the friends of these and some Simple solution, if friends really like high-quality music, want to go to the speaker fever this road, then some small problems must pay attention to the last hope that friends are able to protect their own equipment, better and better More time to enjoy the fun of the beloved equipment. For some careless friends, the use of sound when it should be more cautious, do not like Xiaobian the same, "easy" to scrapped a sound!