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A briefing on the music that does not disturb people

On the market, different functions, modeling cool all kinds of headphones "contests", hate every week can have a novel headphones in a Cheap Beats By Dre" href="/">Cheap Beats By Dre certain appearance, so that consumers can not stop. But whether Beats Headphones Cheap it is ear or ear-style, we can not deny that the use of headphones for a long time will cause great adverse effects on hearing. So, is there a perfect solution for the user to enjoy the fun without listening to it, without affecting the people around it? Directional speaker is the perfect answer! This model looks like a honeycomb speaker allows users to wear headphones, but also have a unique personal listening experience. The biggest difference between a directional speaker and a traditional sound is that it can play the sound like a flashlight beam to a certain area, and people outside that range can not hear the sound. The reason why this can be done because the ordinary speakers generally through the electromagnetic horn issued spherical sound waves, do not have the direction, and directional speakers using ultrasonic carrier transmission of audio signals, the sound can be gathered into a straight directional beam, into the user's ear , The transmission distance of up to 10 meters. However, it should be noted that, due to the sound waves encountered a smooth surface will be reflected, so the use of the need to avoid beats solo the floor windows, walls and other large smooth surface.

In fact, the directional speaker is composed of a number of active directional speakers, the use of different frequencies of the sound waves to achieve the purpose of directional. The higher frequency of the wave has a good directivity, while the lower frequency of the wave energy can easily bypass the transmission process of the obstacles. For example, bats are positioned with better directional waves, and the infrasound can produce several waves around the earth. Unlike the traditional loudspeaker principle, the active directional loudspeaker first carries the low-frequency sound signal over a highly directional high-frequency signal, which is then amplified and emitted into the air, and then the air will filter the high-frequency signal quickly On the audible sound signal will naturally filter out, like the same as the laser-oriented transmission. Active directional speakers can control the sound waves in a specific area, in this area of ??the sound waves are strong, and out of this area, the sound waves will be weak, not even.

Directional speakers also apply to a richer Cheap Beats By Dr Dre application scenarios, such as:

- A new layout: for each piece of work with a dedicated voice guide, the audience does not need to wear additional devices, standing in front of the works can hear the introduction.

- as a GPS loudspeaker, so that the driver can concentrate on receiving navigation information without interfering with other people on board.

- Play specific environment music or merchandise for different blocks in the shopping space.

- Bus station, passengers can listen to traffic information in a specific area.