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A Brief Analysis of the Characteristics of Low Power Bluetooth

Low Beats By Dre Cheap power Bluetooth is part of the Bluetooth 4.0 protocol. Previously, Nokia designed a short-range wireless communications technology, its original intention is to improve the classic Bluetooth in the course of the use of serious power consumption, this technology can provide the lowest power wireless standards. Compared to classic Bluetooth, it is optimized for low cost, low bandwidth, low power consumption and low complexity. At present, with the development of mobile phones and things only, low-power Bluetooth technology has been beats headphones widely used. Its features are summarized as follows: a low-power low-power Bluetooth design with the lowest power consumption for the design goals, in order to avoid idle power consumption, low-power Bluetooth devices most of the time in a sleep state. When a data transfer is to be made, the device is automatically woken up and sent a message to the gateway, computer, or smartphone. Maximum / peak power consumption does not exceed 15mA, the average power consumption of about 1 microamp. In the use of the process, power consumption is only one-tenth of traditional Bluetooth. Therefore, a button battery can maintain low-power Bluetooth devices for several years of stable operation. Dual connection range of low power consumption Bluetooth technology and traditional Bluetooth modulation is different. Low power Bluetooth maximum power of 10mwdb, Cheap Beats By Dre it can achieve up to 300 meters of the connection range. Three compatibility strong Taking into account the low power consumption and compatibility with traditional Bluetooth technology, low-power Bluetooth design of the two models, one low-power Bluetooth technology + traditional Bluetooth dual-mode technology; the second is the main low-power Single-mode technology

Four stable, anti-jamming low-power Bluetooth reference classic Bluetooth, the design also uses adaptive frequency hopping AFH technology to ensure that low-power Bluetooth can be in a complex RF environment to maintain a stable transmission. Of course, taking into account the power consumption of this technology, low-power Bluetooth technology will be the number of channels from the traditional Bluetooth technology 79 1 megahertz wide channel reduced to 40 2 MHz wide channel. At the same time, Bluetooth technology, wireless LAN, IEEE 802.15.4 / wireless personal area network, and so on are using no certification license 2.4 GHz industrial science medical (ISM) frequency band. Sharing too much of this radio wave space can lead to wireless technology in the transmission process of interference and some wrong problems. Low-power Bluetooth technology can effectively shield its interference in the data transmission process to ensure its stability and reliability.

Five radio function Low power Bluetooth in the work mode and the same as the traditional Bluetooth, but also master from the work mode. Compared to traditional Bluetooth, low-power Bluetooth technology adds a "broadcast" feature. With this feature, the slave can inform it that it needs to send data to the master. Broadcast messages according to the specific application of different, such cheap beats as SKYLAB low power Bluetooth beacon beacon VG01, VG02 can be used in shopping malls supermarkets, customers close to a commodity when the customer's mobile phone to push some merchandise coupons and activities information.