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4 aspects, teach you to choose the right headphones

It is always controversial to wear headphones Beats By Dre Cheap without headsets when running. In fact, this kind of thing, one person a view. So the question is, the headset on the market so much, if you need a sports headset, then how to choose a suitable sports headphones? Mainly concerned about these aspects. Shu uncomfortable, we must know that wearing a run. In running, in-ear headphones can not honestly rest in the ear canal simply by friction, so most sports earphones will make an issue in the ear canal, either have an ear hook or have another support point at the top of the ear Inside. Allergic physical activity should pay special attention to the earplugs material. Some headphones and magnets, hanging down can be sucked together, anti-shedding. Bone conduction headphones do not plug in the ear hole, but posted above the jaw, will be relatively comfortable. If the fit is not strong enough, running sweat easily fall off headphones to avoid running music to listen to become an unpleasant process. So choose the right ear for your own headset is very important. Waterproof grade logo is "IPAB", A represents dustproof, B represents waterproof, the bigger the number, the better. B maximum is 8, Beats Headphones Cheap can be completely immersed Beats By Dre On Sale in water, you can wear when swimming, generally can do 5 to prevent the jet of water. Part of the waterproof effect also represents the ability to sweat. Out of running, out of a sweat, headphones will inevitably be affected by the point, so often wear headphones, headphones waterproof performance is very important.

The sound orientation of each earphone is different, and the sound that does not have the two earphones is exactly the same. Even the same type of the same brand may have subtle differences, but this is where the headphones appeal. Everyone's listening preferences are the same as those of the headphones, and they like their own personality, not the same as others. For mainstream music genres, picking the right headphones for the performance of this music sound style is crucial. Most of the current listening to popular songs, which may not require strong analytical skills, but require good bass performance and excellent sense of hearing. Therefore, the choice of the main sound according to its principle, the main principle of the headset divided into three kinds, namely the iron movement, circle motion, ring iron mixed. If only to beats by dre studio kill the boring time, the sound quality requirements do not need to be high. If you are a music enthusiast, demanding sound quality, according to the type of music you like headphones. Most of the headphone noise is not good, so still need to open a lot of volume, so long-term use will have a certain impact on the hearing. Therefore, noise reduction is particularly important, noise reduction is divided into active and passive two kinds, the effect can only get the physical feel. So according to their needs choice. It should be noted here that some headphones because of the soundproof effect is very good, so not suitable for night running (road running), the most suitable for running the gym, or closed running route.

Finally, according to their type of exercise, choose the right headset on it. When running the head has some ups and downs, so the headset must be light. It is recommended to use in-ear Bluetooth earphones or bone conduction earphones. Traditional line earphones and holster headphones are not recommended. Line headphone running back and forth will swing back and forth, easily cause inconvenience. Headphones have earmuffs and head beam, the general weight of 300 grams, more than a sneaker sink. Do you want to run on a shoe? The application scenarios for line style and pull-on headsets are indoor static training, weight training, gravity training and functional training.