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Beats By Dre 2017 Deals & Sales | Headphones, Earphones & Speakers

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  • Put on headphones, the world left me and you

    My voice, from you to convey. Enchanting, all my love TA! Even the best music, but also need a good headset to hear the taste. Xiaobian recommended headphones is an essential option for music enthusiasts, a good headset can show a very good quality. We use each and every one as a good date. Put on the headset, the world only I and you, let us as bar ~ ~ an ear feast! Fashion in-ear headphones, multicolor beats solo optional love to find. For music lovers design, texture, light your passion for music, love deep, looking for the cut. Clever small elevation, the headset is not easy to fall off. More comfortable to wear, better to listen to ~ ~ From the sound of nature, taste the flavor of the original ecology! Enjoy the beauty of nature, relax and freedom. User-friendly functional design, plus and minus volume, song beats by dre cheap switching, voice calls. Listen to the sound, taste fashion! A focus on HIFI headphones, audio equipment research and development of technology companies. Thousands of HIFI audio debugging, full metal cavity design, stylish and comfortable spiral wire, plug anti-fracture design. Low-frequency surging, IF natural, high-frequency excitement, sounds more hearty. Just listed on the new, the integration of the design elements of the past two years and simple style. Xiao Bian personally tried, is wearing a very lightweight headset, very suitable for sports. Few of the real Bluetooth in-ear music positioning, easy to navigate all kinds of music, long time to listen to not tired.

    Not used to say good, but bought but also to buy. Go with the wind, such as about from. Color colorful, more color tone. The introduction of electronic tuning technology, you can filter current clutter, so that the response of input and output signals simultaneously improve and enhance the resolution. Invisible, do not flash after the connection. Piano paint technology, shiny and translucent. Plating edge, sketched headphone graceful silhouette, full sense of lines, as a wonderful exquisite jewelry. Gather fashion romantic elements, designers effort to build, and ultimately create a pleasing appearance. Subwoofer in the ear. Bass is more powerful, the sound center of gravity is more stable, rhythm stronger. Cool appearance, sophisticated technology, professional cheap beats by dre and not rigid, stylish and not exaggerated. For music lovers! Can move, can change. Unique groove design, a variety of accessories as you change wild. Through the boundaries of the times, looking for beats earphones your exclusive voice of the world! Meng burning heart, only to Meng Meng ~ ~ Meng selling innocent, lovely long live.

    2017-11-23 10:19:37
  • Frequent song people need to buy noise-canceling headphones?

    Long time every day the subway, public transport on the song. Do you think this time attached to the headset noise is relatively beats earphones poor? However, if the sound to increase the feeling of ear is not good. So we need to buy a noise-canceling headphones? Let us analyze and analyze: From the perspective of physics and biology students of the times taught us that the acceptable decibels of the human ear is actually limited. In general, the human ear perceives 20 dB following is quiet, 20 ~ 40 decibels is whisper, 40 decibels to 60 decibels is an ordinary indoor talk, 60 to 70 decibels is noisy, nerve damage, 70 to 90 Decibel is very noisy, nerve cell damage, 90 to 100 will be hearing loss, 100 to 120 is extremely uncomfortable, will be temporarily deaf, 120 or more will be fully deaf. According to the data shows that the noise inside the subway car can reach about 85 decibels, and wearing headphones is generally below 80 decibels, if the two coincide noise, the decibel will be greater. Some people in order to hear the song, the volume will be adjusted headphone, the more damage to the hearing. Hearing damage is irreversible. Therefore, listening to songs on the subway every day with headphones can cause unpredictable hearing damage. At this time, the emergence of noise-canceling headphones, it can be a very good help to us. Noise reduction headphones How to divide the noise There are two headphones, one is passive noise reduction, the other is active noise reduction. Passive noise reduction, as the name implies, is to reduce the noise by earphone physics. In-ear headphones usually use memory foam earplugs, high-density silicone earplugs and the like, while headsets use passive full-face earbuds to achieve passive noise reduction. Soundproof passive noise reduction is usually able to achieve the effect of 15 to 20 dB.

    However, due to noise from many beats by dre sale aspects, having different frequency bands, it is very difficult to have a very good noise reduction effect, and all the more advanced active noise reduction technologies have appeared. The theory of active noise reduction is quite simple, and "sound waves" are theories that we all learn in our high school physics classes. Sound is transmitted through the vibration of the medium to achieve, if the wave and the wave between the opposite phase will be achieved cheap beats by dr dre under the theoretical conditions offset. Active noise reduction principle is to first collect the waveform characteristics of noise, and then through the built-in processing chip computing the reverse phase of the wave, and then through the high reduction of the speaker offset. Therefore, active noise reduction system essential equipment pickups, processing chips, speakers, each part must ensure beats by dre high quality in order to achieve the ultimate effect, so the cost is higher than the traditional non-noise reduction equipment. Noise reduction range of active noise-canceling headphones can reach 20 to 30 dB, the effect is very significant. Xiaobian wear the first active noise reduction headphones, it was just found the same surprise the New World. If you take the subway, car or plane to listen to music needs, it is best to buy an active noise-canceling headphones, so your ears have a very important protection. If the budget is limited, it is best to buy a memory foam earplugs and other products with passive noise reduction.

    2017-11-21 10:22:09
  • Wake your ears with high-value Bluetooth speakers

    Before listening to music to have a CD, there must be a player, more to have a power amplifier and speakers ... ... And now, just a cell phone, you can open the music for you to enjoy the trip. But listening to music on your cellphone, the ear is always bound, I feel very uncomfortable, then have their own high-value Bluetooth speakers, ready to cheap beats headphones open the music to listen, the ear is beats by dre wireless not uncomfortable, this is the best way to enjoy music. Bluetooth audio can be super mini, can become an accessory, carry with no stress. Pineapple shape with realistic wood grain effect, the color value is really high, reminiscent of the Ice Age that is always unlucky squirrels per episode are chasing the pine cones. Bluetooth speakers are not just used to listen to the song can also act as a light, gently pat, the glimmer will open, music and soft lighting clever symphony, romantic easily. This is a very suitable for the harmony of the atmosphere of the speaker, think about and male (female) friend dinner, the speaker soft music, exudes a weak warm light, the atmosphere was good to explode. Camouflage Bluetooth speakers, feeling out to become a wild up, this beats by dre on sale is absolutely suitable for people who love outdoor sports, small and convenient, want to hang where hanging, enjoy running wild fun. And the sound quality is beats by dre beyond words, outdoor is to be chic, tune the music to the maximum, listening to music walking in the wilderness on the road, I feel the whole person is free.

    Speaker modeling is a retro radio, all-wood appearance, full of wood flavor, literary and art retro. And it's not just the character that acts as a speaker, it's also an alarm clock, and that's it, well, without any sense of compromise. The entire speaker shape with smooth drop shape, not only with the base can be placed, but also can be linked to become a beautiful ornament, and two speakers through Bluetooth wireless couplets, the formation of left and right channels, so collide with the use of Beyond the usual stereo effect, restore the music scene, reproduction of pure music atmosphere. Bluetooth speakers simple and stylish appearance, and a variety of home collocation, can definitely add a lot of bright colors. And the sound quality is also very good, whether it is whispering Cantonese female voice, or light jazz minor, can be well demonstrated in the afternoon with aroma of coffee, coupled with the passionate and charming song, really make people feel Intoxicated. Rubik's cube-shaped Bluetooth speakers with active street color design, in addition to water splash design, so for those who want to share music at the water or the bathroom, this one Bluetooth speaker will be absolutely Good choice, and it's only palm-sized, stuffed in a bag without any space, it can be taken away anytime, anywhere.

    2017-11-18 10:19:08
  • Bluetooth headset exploded? Who will save our music?

    A female passenger was woken up during sleep due to the headset she was wearing on fire. It is reported that this type of headset is a type of Bluetooth headset with battery, but fortunately she found timely, otherwise the whole face must be buried in this headset on the. After the incident, we beats by dre wireless have a lingering fear. This is a battery explosion event, appeared in the headset we carry, then look back at your Bluetooth headset, you dare to wear it? Although there are many quality Bluetooth headset, but who can guarantee the next explosion is not us? So who can save our music if I'm afraid to use a Bluetooth headset with battery? Such headphones using high-performance lithium-ion battery, there is no danger of explosion. And the bone conduction mode, can make our ears from strong sound impact. Can not only enjoy the beautiful music safely, without fear of our hearing is damaged, is it done double benefit? Bone conduction beats solo headphones, both ears open the design, you can keep alert to the surrounding environment, to increase the safety of carrying. Microphone-like built-in remote control, a touch, you can answer the phone. After hanging with nickel-titanium memory alloy, even when running and jumping can maintain a solid wear.

    Bone conduction headset, won the 2013 US Science and Technology Innovation Award, not only flexible and resistant to bending, but also has superior waterproofing performance. Built-in 300 mA safety battery, not only can have 10 hours of battery life, but also to avoid the risk of accidental explosion. We say the Bluetooth headset explosion, does not mean that all the Bluetooth headset can explode, the real risk of explosion or bad Bluetooth headset in the battery. So, if we choose a headset without a battery, we can avoid the headset exploding. Headset with a new noise reduction technology that allows us to immerse ourselves in high-definition music environment. Shark fin silicone earplugs, but also for our long time to wear to use. Triport acoustic structure design and unique dynamic equalization technology, but also bring a full bass low-frequency effect. Sports headphones, ergonomic and hollow design, enhance the comfort at the same cheap beats headphones time, but also for our long-term wear. beats solo Anti-sweat waterproof ability, even in strenuous exercise, but also sweat without fear of sweat. Equipped with remote control buttons, but also to facilitate our track replacement and answer the phone. Why use headphones to listen to music, speakers not work? Although we like to use headphones to listen to music when we go out, there are many friends who have the habit of using headphones even at home. Long-term wear headphones, more or less will cause damage to the ear, so can use the speaker when we absolutely do not use headphones. Speaker using full-range magnetic field speaker unit, you can make the sound more rich and delicate, more shocking expression. 1500 mAh polymer battery, but also be able to maintain 8 hours of battery life. High-quality metal diaphragm, not only responsive, but also can bring sweet sound quality. Sometimes, we may feel more trouble using the speakers, and carrying inconvenient, this time want to listen to music should be how to do it? With a HiFi player do not have to. This player is like a small speaker, although only the size of a cell phone, but it can have a speaker-like power.

    2017-11-16 10:31:21
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