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  • How to identify the sound quality of headphones

    With the popularity of personal multimedia audio players, such as MP3, MP4, PSP, etc., more and more use, due to the cost constraints cheap beats headphones of these products are not very good random ear sound quality, those who have certain requirements for the sound quality of friends began Seek third-party alternative products.

    Judging from the current market, the price of earplugs varies from a few tens of yuan to a thousand dollars, and the sound quality and quality are also uneven, and the difference is insignificant. How do these various kinds of products exactly identify and how do they distinguish their "worth"? Is it only the price that measures the quality of the product? Is a good brand better than ordinary products? I believe many of my friends have been caught in trouble.

    When watching, you must also pay attention to the following points:

    First, the same listening time; different time on the sound of judgment will also have some differences, so be sure to listen to the same time.

    Second, the same audio carrier; This is the basis for comparison, MP3, MP4 and their own quality will be uneven, of course, different players will affect the effect of music, of course, the premise of comparison must be established on the same basis.

    Third, the same music track; the same track is necessary, different music, genre different headphones show the characteristics of course, there is a big cheap beats difference.

    Fourth, the same sound source settings; music volume and related settings to be consistent, otherwise it will interfere with the sound quality judgments.

    The same people have different opinions. What kind of music, what kind of song, beats headphones like heavy bass headphones or like high-fidelity headphones, what character, hobbies, their own decisions, from the sound characteristics of speaking headphone voice types are mainly different beats headphones cheap characteristics, so the comparison is relative.

    2018-05-19 10:18:45
  • Music Headphones

    In the purchase of headphones, most non-professional users will certainly see some earphone-specific terms, but often do not know the true meaning, in the following tips we will briefly introduce some of the earphone terms.

    Frequency response: refers to the frequency range that the earphone can beats by dre represent. The general value is 20 to 20000Hz (bass-treble), 12 to 39000Hz means this earphone can perform more audio details, and the sound is "more real", 30 to 17000Hz. It means that the earphone cannot be distinguished in the audio segment below 30Hz, but it makes the bass effect beats by dre on sale "heavy" and has a component, and the treble situation is similar.

    Impedance: The impedance of the large headphone above is 300 Euro, and the beats by dre sale impedance of a Walkman Headphone is only 16 Euro; the greater the impedance, the greater the output power of the audio source, and the output power of the Walkman device is small, so it is only suitable for low impedance. Headphones, or you can't push the headphones to sound. Of course, no doubt, the higher the impedance of the headset with the output power of the beats headphones cheap sound of the sound source is quite good.

    Total Harmonic Distortion: It shows that the sound quality of the headphones is steady, clear, and fidelity. The above indicator of less than or equal to 0.1% is quite good. The average earphone is about 0.7%. The smaller the value, the better. .

    Sound pressure level: also known as "sensitivity", the higher the value, the greater the sound at the same source output power; the sensitivity of the headset is much higher than that of the monitor-level headphones, around 110db, so for the Walkman headphones The bigger the value, the better.

    Connections: High-grade walkman headphones attach great importance to the wire, different wire has a greater impact on the sound quality; another important issue is the length of the line, when shopping to fully estimate the length of their own, if you plan to always MP3 is hung on the neck or in the pocket of the jacket, then you are determined to pick the short line, and if you want to put the machine in the bag or pants pocket, you must choose the long line.

    2018-05-17 10:33:21
  • Basic circuit knowledge in headphones

    First, introduce some common terms that describe the nature of the headset:

    1) Working point: If the circuit to be analyzed is divided into two two-end networks A and B, the volt-ampere characteristic curves of the two networks are drawn in the same coordinate system. The intersection of the two curves is called a working point. The current and voltage values ??corresponding to the operating point are both the output current and output voltage of A and the input current and input voltage of B.

    2) Impedance matching: Calculating the output power of the actual power supply shows that when i = Io/2, the output power of the power supply is maximum. The corresponding load resistance at this time is when the load resistance and the internal resistance of the power supply are equal, beats by dre studio the output power of the power supply is the largest, which is impedance matching. In an actual circuit, there is not much time to pursue impedance matching because although the output power is the largest at impedance matching, half of the power is consumed in the internal resistance, and the efficiency is too low. In order to improve the energy cheap beats headphones utilization efficiency, and also to avoid the rear end of the load causing a relatively large impact on the front end, the input impedance of the rear end is generally several orders of magnitude larger than the output impedance of the front end.

    3) Sound source: From the point of view of the circuit, the sound source is an active two-end network. If it is assumed that the frequency of the sound signal is fixed, then the sound source is a linear active two-end network, which can be described by the voltage source equivalent model. In order not to let the output signal of the audio source be affected by the back-end load, the output impedance of the audio source is quite low, generally only a few ohms or even less than 1 ohm, and the volt-ampere characteristic curve of the audio source is close to the ideal voltage source.

    4) Amplifier: Under the condition that the frequency of the audio signal is fixed, the amplifier can be regarded as a linear active four-terminal network. The actual amplifier can be seen as two power supplies with internal resistance and limited operating range, where the output voltage is proportional to the input voltage within a certain range. It should be noted that for a four-terminal network, the impedance seen from the input can be different from the impedance seen from the output. In order to improve the efficiency from the energy use, while reducing the impact on the sound source, the input impedance of the amplifier is quite high, there are generally more than ten thousand euros or even tens of kiloohms. Therefore, the volt-ampere characteristic of the amplifier input is close to the ideal current source.

    The output impedance of the amplifier should also be as small as possible, but due to the need to adjust the volume, the output impedance of the amplifier is adjustable. Adjust the output impedance, you can change the headset volume. Let the input voltage be Uo and the amplification factor be A. Then the maximum output voltage is AUo. The volt-amp characteristic at the output of the amplifier is a series of straight lines passing through a fixed point on the Y-axis.

    5) Headphone: Assuming that the frequency of the audio signal is fixed, the headphone can be considered as a linear passive two-terminal network, which is equivalent to a resistor. The volt-amp characteristic curve of a headphone is the same as the resistance and is a straight line passing through the origin. According to different sounding principles, the earphone can be divided into three types: dynamic coil, piezoelectric, and electrostatic. (Electrostatic headphones have not been contacted before and they are not discussed). The principle of the dynamic earphone is to place the live coil in the magnetic field, and the coil is forced in the magnetic field to drive the diaphragm to sound. The amount of force applied by a live coil in a magnetic field is proportional to the current flowing through the coil. The greater the current, the greater the force. The principle of the piezoelectric earphone is to apply a voltage on both sides of the piezoelectric material to cause a deformation of the piezoelectric material, thereby driving the diaphragm to sound. The degree of deformation of the piezoelectric material is proportional to the voltage across the two surfaces, and the greater the voltage, the greater the deformation.

    Then you can take a look at a complete headset system.

    The volt-ampere characteristic of the source is close to the voltage source, and the volt-ampere characteristic of the amplifier input is close to the current source. If the operating point is within the amplifier's linear operating range, the maximum voltage at the output of the amplifier is directly proportional to the beats by dre studio output voltage of the audio source. If the impedance of the amplifier output is fixed, the operating point of the headphone is as shown in the figure.

    It can be seen from the figure that under the condition that the sound source and the headphone are not changed, the output impedance of the amplifier becomes smaller, the current and voltage at the operating point become larger, and the volume of the headphone accordingly becomes larger. In addition, under the condition that the sound source and the amplifier do not change, the higher the impedance of the earphone, the smaller the current at the operating point and the smaller the driving force obtained by the dynamic earphone. Therefore, if the sensitivity is equal, the higher the impedance of the earphone, the better.

    Let's explain why the power marked by the Walkman is far less than the maximum rated power marked by the headphones. When the volume is large, it is still prone to break or even damage (especially low-resistance and high-sensitivity earplugs). The more standard walkman power representation method is: **mw+**mw(*.times.ohm), indicating that when the headphone impedance is *.times.ohm, the output power of the walkman is **mw per channel. However, the volt-ampere characteristic of the amplifier (output) is actually an area, and **mw+**mw (x ohm) is only a point on the graph. Knowing this point in the area covered by the volt-ampere characteristic of the amplifier (output) does not have any practical significance. Even if this is the maximum output power (ie, impedance matching) of the amplifier when the load is 16 ohms, the impedance of the amplifier can still be reduced, the operating point can continue to move up, and the corresponding output current, output voltage, and output power can continue. Increase. Therefore, even if the power of the portable tag is very small, it is still possible to damage beats by dr dre the headphones if the volume is turned upside down.

    In addition, the phrase "promoting does not mean pushing good" can also be a reasonable explanation. Under the premise that the output impedance of the amplifier is fixed to Re, when the signal of the sound source changes, even though the current value of the operating point is relatively large, the magnitude of the change of the working point current is only 1/Re of the voltage change amplitude. If the sensitivity of the earphone is not high enough, the result will be: The volume of the earphone is large enough, but it is not sensitive to the change of the sound source signal. The specific manifestation in the sound is the loss of details, lack of control, and it will not be received (especially It is low frequency. The whole sound is a little fuzzy and it is imaginary.

    2018-05-15 10:18:13
  • What is the difference between a monitor speaker and a normal speaker? What is a monitor speaker?

    There are several types of speakers on the market recently that claim to be monitor level speakers. So what exactly is a beats by dre studio monitor speaker? What is the difference between an ordinary speaker and it? Let's talk about it.

    Speaking of monitor speakers, many people may have heard it in the field of professional audio, and this is still unfamiliar. This should be discussed from the classification of speakers. Speakers can be divided into main playback speakers, monitor speakers, and return-to-earth speakers according to their purposes. The main playback speaker is generally used as the main speaker of the audio system and plays the main playback task. The return-to-speaker is also called the stage monitor speaker. It is generally used on stage or in dance halls for actors or band members to monitor themselves for singing or playing sounds. The monitor speakers are used for listening in the production of audio programs such as listening rooms and recording studios. It has the characteristics of small distortion, wide and flat frequency response, clear sound image, little modification to the signal and so on, so it can truly reproduce the original appearance of the sound.

    The sound engineer needs to hear the nature of the sound so that he can know how to modify the sound so as to achieve perfection. If he starts listening to sounds that have been modified, then no one can guarantee what the end product will be. Look like. So in this sense, monitor speakers may not be the best speaker products for users to listen to music, because the design concept requires that it must be based on the original source of the pursuit of the source, can not be added to any stylized, personalized sound quality The sound is rendered, so we can't hear any sounds like British or American sound from a good monitor.

    From the point of view of music appreciation, whether it is a monitor speaker for the purpose of purely objective playback, or exquisitely carved various types of Hi-Fi speakers, AV speakers, all kinds of speaker products have its own different user groups, not beats solo sound The tiniest monitor speakers are the best choice for listening to music.

    Having said this, we need to explain the word sound dyeing. The sound of the sound is an extra disturbance to the nature of cheap beats headphones the sound, the sound, extra sound, or changes in the original appearance of the sound. To give an example of beats by dre a more vivid image: You speak to a big jar. When you hear your own voice, it is not always the same. The space inside the jar changes your voice. This is the tone. The essence of the monitor speaker is to eliminate the noise caused by the speaker.

    In fact, more people like the stylized and personalized sound effects of various types of Hi-Fi speakers. For Hi-Fi speakers, there will definitely be such a sound. The manufacturer will also slightly modify the frequency of the sound according to his understanding of the music and the style of the product. This is due to the aesthetic angle of the sound. This is just like photography, displays, and other products. Sometimes some of the personalized products with a slightly thicker color and over-rendered taste will be more popular with more people. In other words, different people have different feelings in terms of the timbre of the timbre. The monitor box and the ordinary Hi-Fi box have different applicable fields. If you want to set up a personal music studio or an audiophile who is passionate about the sound, then a suitable monitor is the best choice for you.

    2018-05-11 10:18:48
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