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  • Believe it or not Make ear pregnant headphones

    Now people have a persistent pursuit of music, said music can cure the wound of the soul, it seems that music has become the spirit of people's food. Therefore, the requirements of the sound quality is also getting higher and higher, a song listening to the sound has a great relationship with the sound quality, so choose a good headset will give the pro to play a lot of welfare headset shape is very unique, very Is there fashionable wood? Looking very small and exquisite, wearing a particularly comfortable in the ears, there will be no sense of weight. It is used in the ear with wheat design, style ordinary, but the sound film in the instant reaction is stronger than ordinary headphones, the basic applies to all the existing intelligent machines and computers.

    People who like music will be so one or two headphones, high-quality headphones can be more pleasant songs to the more perfect transmission to the ears. Compared with the previous two-way headset, this headset is more convenient beats solo to use, to carry up and more convenient, and the ear head of the physical noise reduction effect is still better.

    Headphones is not because of its appearance, but because it is really good sound quality, I believe that people who like to listen to music will not care too much about its appearance, anyway, not ugly on the line. But to be honest, this headset is not ugly, beats by dr dre simple version of the type, you can take many years. Like to use the computer to play the game friends to wear long headphones, if the headset wearing uncomfortable, then play the game did not have a passion. So Xiaobian this recommended this one, with it play the game can be all the way forward, invincible. At the same time, it is also very good to use it to listen to music. Now more of the headset is its sound quality, this headset sound quality is relatively clear, delicate, although it will not beats by dre wireless bring you a great surprise, but use it to listen to the song is still very good drop. In addition, the additional trend of fashionable skull head embellishment, can make people look more personality a little bit. One to see this headset, Xiao Bian it was not Meng it, the little devil's shape can be deeply attracted sister paper and children. At the same time it is quite good for the resolution of the sound, the transmission of the sound is relatively clear, bass is the kind of solid bass, is the necessary artifact to listen to music. Sports headphones, gold and black together with a very dynamic. It headphones spread out the sound as a whole is very peaceful, soothing, sound quite positive, the sound field is also very wide, especially suitable for listening to songs in the sport, cost-effective high Oh! Like this sport headset quality is very good, not afraid to fall, but also waterproof, black main color is also very dirty, really can be used for many years. So that things are not afraid of expensive, you must compare the quality of it to see cheap beats by dre where it is expensive. Xiaobian also very satisfied with the appearance of this headset, very cute enough ~ ~

    2017-05-26 11:16:23
  • Velvet headset maintenance clean small coup

    For velvet headphones such materials headphones hood, compared to cortical earmuffs, more soft and comfortable, summer use, even if the sweat will not stick the skin, but also very breathable. For the beats earbuds skin of the oil, sweating the user, a long time to wear, will make the ear cover a lot of dust and bacteria, re-use the headset, will feel the skin fever, itching. This time, you should consider cleaning the headset. Velvet earphone earmuffs, after use, we can often see the above kind of white stains, are generally the skin of the new metabolic dead skin beats headphones on sale or dandruff. For this common residual treatment, the two methods are simple and practical and fast. Method 1: the use of transparent tape, like the usual way to deal with woolen coat, with a transparent tape stick to the above dust. Method two: the use of soft hair toothbrush, gently brush it again, the headset above the stain is easy to be cleaned up. For the removable earmuffs, beats by dre cheap the general can be replaced, if you can not find the replacement, you can use a clean wet towel simply wipe, and then wait for the natural dry, can not use hair dryer or oven and other direct drying, this will affect the ear cotton The flexibility to further affect the sound quality.

    It is worth noting that, hifi headphones are consumables, the earmuffs are not easy to remove the water with direct cleaning. Mainly because the wash over the earmuffs beats by dre studio are easy to bad, will destroy the sponge inside, thus affecting the sound quality. So the water rinse this method, Xiao Bian suggested that we do not try easily. Keep the earmuffs clean, the most effective way is to do personal hygiene, keep the hair, ears, face clean, you will find a lot of headphones clean.

    2017-05-25 11:20:29
  • Headphones and audio which a good headset audio listening experience great PK

    Now let us enjoy the music of the audio equipment is more and more, the most common audio player is the headset and audio, headphones and audio which is also a good talk of the topic. Aside everyone knows the way to play and use the scene aside, today we say that this headset and sound in the sense of what is the difference in the end. Headset and audio performance difference:

    To listen to feelings, the headset sound quality is more delicate. The most important thing is the headset unit than the sound of small, making the frequency stronger than the speaker Coupled with the smaller the unit, the better resolution. So listen to music with headphones than to listen to music with the music will be moved more, can hear the details of the audio can not hear, or listen to the sound when the details of the neglect.

    But the stereo feel of the music, the sound is more direct than the headset. Because the headphones of the music is not reflected directly to the ear canal, in addition to the special head recording technology, whether it is not a good three-dimensional speakers.

    Sound cleanliness, the headset is better than the sound. Because the headphones are usually DC power supply, electronic interference is small, and good headphones noise reduction is also very strong. So the headset is cleaner than the speaker background, of beats by dre cheap course, apart from the interference of the situation.

    In general is the speaker to listen to music, atmosphere stronger; headphones to listen to music, a stronger sense of analysis. Wearing a headset can hear the speaker did not hear, or that is heard but did not pay attention to the details.

    Headset and sound with the difference:

    Speakers must have a good match to a good voice. Because there are many factors that can control the performance of audio, such as power amplifier, CD machine, wire, listening environment, power cleanliness, etc., so do not say that the sound the more expensive the better.

    While the hifi headphones only audio and headphones themselves, of course, apart from one of the few amp, so the headset can be easier to achieve good results. Coupled with a lot of headphones, such cheap beats as noise reduction headphones, ear headphones, headphones, closed headphones, etc., have their beats by dre cheap own advantages, but also have their own shortcomings. You can choose according to their own use for their own headphones, compared to audio greatly reduced.

    So, in the same price of headphones and audio, the headset is much better than the speaker. But when the level of the two when the same, regardless of the speaker or headset, analysis and atmosphere of any one will not be short board. But their usefulness, different environmental performance is certainly poles apart, so headphones and audio which is good or should be based on their actual use of the beats earphones situation to choose. Because the choice of headphones and audio are the pursuit of music experience, choose them when the most important thing is to see what music they listen to, for what kind of environment.

    2017-05-24 11:39:49
  • With the price of iron under the frequency of moving it?

    Moving headphones in recent beats by dre sale years, the general trend of publicity, is nowadays craze, but the dynamic headset mature and stable status and did not shake, and often heard the fans say beats by dre wireless that moving iron low frequency as moving coil. At this time, confused who is often embarrassed is the white and the primary Shaoyou, especially for the same price of moving iron headphones and moving headphones, they are really difficult to choose. Low-impedance, high-resolution, balanced no sound is the characteristics of moving iron headphones, for the sound details of the playback is better, low, medium and high three-frequency level Will be more obvious. So the general pure iron headphones are suitable for music professional or stage monitor use, and fever, what is not much of the relationship. And multi-unit moving iron headphones sound better but more expensive; moving ring headphone tri-band convergence is relatively smooth and natural performance, although the sound density will be more loose, no moving iron headset compact, but thanks to large size Of the moving unit, its range is very broad, more suitable for listening to classical music and large compilation of music. And moving iron headphones because of the transient response is very fast, the music signal to follow the ability to have excellent performance, never dragging its feet, more suitable for listening to the rhythm of fast and compact music, suitable for listening to a variety of musical instruments, treble Electronic music, low-frequency fast, the overall cold sound more high-frequency very metallic taste. Multi-unit moving iron can listen to classical symphony and so on.

    Dynamic headphones have a very obvious advantage - sound field, for a good open headphones, it's sound field is very wide, for creating a music atmosphere and surrounded by a very good performance; and moving iron headset The size of their own restrictions and sealed structure, the sound field will appear very narrow, there is no kind of atmosphere of the atmosphere; although the current multi-unit moving headphones to a certain extent make up for a single range beats earphones of frequency response, but it needs to divide (Because the more the unit the more serious distortion), and the price is also more expensive so even if the kind of by adding a moving iron unit to increase the frequency range, making low-frequency large, full, red, to move Headphones feel, but the flexibility, overtone, dynamic, atmosphere, is basically with the moving circle to find a child. After all, high-resolution, the details of the performance is good iron plugs have the potential of Ah, so moving iron frequency as dynamic, although not absolute, was also in line with the truth, but the election headset is not only consider the low frequency

    In general, moving iron low-frequency sense of hearing is not as good as moving ring headphones low-frequency hearing, but the moving iron in some aspects of low frequency and better than moving coil, mainly to see what type of music. Radish cabbage each have love, listening subjective factors are still very strong, each have preferences. Some people like to move the amount of iron and the amount of the kind of "Bang Bang Bang", crisp sound of low-frequency, do not like moving the "boom", the kind of deep feeling! So, for the headset The choice of it, or see you mainly listen to what beats earbuds song. Dynamic frequency will be high, but the low frequency is not flexible, there is no better sense of the atmosphere, more suitable for listening to analysis, like to slowly taste and right Sound protection is required. Choose what price or to see what you can feel, as if you spend a million to buy running shoes than a hundred to buy running shoes running a microsecond, worthless of all kinds of subtle feelings only their own know.

    2017-05-23 11:35:28
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