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  • How does the wire affect the sound

    Headset wire

    For the role of wire and its characteristics, many articles are discussed from the following aspects:

    Wire metal conductor used in the material and its shape, and its decision characteristics; wire weaving method and its effect;

    Wire used in the insulator material, and its characteristics; wire used in the characteristics of the plug;

    The values ??of the resistors, capacitors, inductors, and frequency characteristics measured by the instruments produced by the above-mentioned materials and knitting methods, and their corresponding actual sound effects.

    In fact, the center of these articles contains a good transmission of this content to the sound signal. And wire in the sound system in the "impedance transformation", it is my point of view. Of course, it is not really will automatically carry out the impedance transformation, but the wire in the middle of the impedance transition between the two machines, "under the" role of the connection directly affect the sound quality.

    With the above point of view, come to talk about what the meaning of sound quality. The word "sound quality" is generally the general meaning of the quality of the sound. However, in the audio technology it contains three aspects:

    The pitch of the sound, that is, the intensity and magnitude of the sound;

    The tone of the sound, that is, the frequency of the audio or the number of times per second;

    Sound of the sound, that is, audio overtones or harmonic components.

    Talking about the sound quality of a sound is mainly to measure whether the sound of the three aspects of the above reached a certain level: that is relative to a frequency or frequency band, whether the pitch has a certain intensity, and in the required frequency range, the same volume , Whether the amplitude of each frequency is uniform, balanced, full, frequency response curve is straight: the sound of the pitch is accurate, both faithfully show the source frequency or composition of the original face, the frequency of distortion and phase shift and meet the requirements; Of the overtone moderate, harmonic rich, sounds sound on the beautiful sounds.

    In fact, the above has been mentioned, a certain quality of wire and audio equipment with the accurate transmission of audio signals, will not cause damage to the sound quality of the distortion and phase shift and frequency distortion, and can modify the sound, so that music more pleasant. So it can be said that the wire beats by dre can really change the sound quality of the sound.

    So, what degree does the wire affect sound quality? What are the basics and prerequisites for the full use of wire? Why some people feel the role of wire is not big?

    A lot of headphones, audio enthusiasts, enthusiasts have used wire, and some people also replaced a lot of signal lines and speaker lines, and power lines. Why some people feel that the effect is not, some people even have "follow the trend", "fooled" feeling? Where is the problem? The problem is very simple, the power out of the system did not do well. Specifically, it is the internal AC and DC power supply and equipment used by the external power supply power is not done well.

    The so-called equipment, the internal power supply did not do a good job, more in the low-cost machines. For example, because the stand-alone price is cheap, in order to save or improperly designed, the internal power supply design is simple, using all the way power supply equipment in the multi-circuit, resulting in useful circuits between the various circuits through the power crosstalk, resulting in cross-modulation, , The noise increases even cover up the useful signal, and the effective band of the music is narrowed. At this time, you are put on any expensive wire effect is very obvious. Also, the use of general quality or poor quality of the capacitor, the power transformer capacity is not enough or leakage of magnetic, random power line diameter of the small material is poor, are part of the internal power supply is not good, directly affect the sound quality and line effect. The quality of the internal power supply is not high, for those with electronic knowledge and hands-on ability, you can change the power through the motorcycle and other aspects of quality. For those who do not machine, you can only use the quality of decent, the price and moderate Hi-Fi equipment. The so-called external power supply did not do a good job, then the low-cost equipment, especially for advanced audio have an impact.

    Do a good job of external power supply, including the special equipment dedicated to the laying of special power lines, power lines of wire material, diameter, weaving method, length, how to install, where to install very knowledgeable, different equipment has different effects. Also, the power outlet, switches, connectors have different requirements. Especially on the ground, the effect of a great impact on the sound, especially the use of power supply filtering equipment such as isolated power supply, filter power, the ground requirements are higher.

    Also special emphasis is that the internal and external power supply is very important, which links should pay attention to, such as the fuse and its contacts are good contact and so on.

    In practice, often see someone non-brand-name expensive audio equipment do not buy, non-expensive wire does not buy, but the power and the environment can not keep up, valuable equipment out of the sound is not good, the sound can only become a show off Price, net worth of the furnishings.

    2017-03-28 14:30:53
  • Mechanism of Action of Headphone

    The instantaneous stroke of the headphone diaphragm makes the air vibrate, so that the sound of the treble is the beats by dre cheap smallest, but the frequency is the highest, the bass is the largest, but the frequency is the lowest. Therefore, from the physical structure, the headset diaphragm is a pair of contradictory body, the need to create high-frequency hard and easy to deformation of the material, and want to get a good low-frequency and similar to the rubber as well as good deformation of the recovery of the material, It is impossible to put two sound units into the inside, which is subject to the material process limit. We can note that the headset after the opening of the diaphragm coil is divided into two parts of the center and around the voice coil around the diaphragm will usually have some oblique stripes, from the physical point of view, this can improve the material For example, you put a piece of paper in the middle of the two bowls, you then put a chopstick up, will certainly fall, but if you turn the paper in the positive and negative direction several times, like Folding the same fan, and then along the vertical direction in the fold line, you will find that a piece of paper can now bear the weight of even two chopsticks.

    Back to the diaphragm up, why the edge of the diaphragm to make this shape it, no doubt to improve the resistance of the entire diaphragm resistance, as a unit structure, the voice coil in the current through the vibration, the central part Of the type of change than the edge of the large part, that is, most of the bass is generated by the center, and then by the center of the pits on the hole after the introduction of the box, the clutter and then reflected by the stomatal headphones to the outside. So most of the treble is actually supported by the edge of the entire diaphragm produced! Because in the high frequency, the center of the diaphragm because of the design of the reasons for high frequency and no change, and the edge of the structure because of the strengthening of the area is limited, can produce a good high-frequency vibration effect at this point with the box Body speaker sound principle is exactly the opposite! The unit on the box in the bass, you can see the edge of the violent vibration, the middle part of the smallest, that is from the central part of the outward, the amplitude from small to large, and the headset unit from the center out, The This is actually a very bold, but very perfect solution! Large speakers on the unit, you can pay attention to, the voice coil will not be great, and in the headset, the voice coil within the area of ??the diaphragm is larger than the circle, so that the central part of the soft side, in the voice coil Under the leadership can do a larger amplitude of the action, and the edge part, is suitable for some high frequency of movement.

    A good headset, relying on accurate physical acoustics design, which also includes good material science, so we are not so simple to imagine, including the choice of what the damping coefficient of the shock film material, how much area, voice coil The diameter of the wire, how much the diameter of the voice coil, how much the volume of the rear box, what shape, caliber, and only these problems can be very scientific and very good solution in order to make a good sound quality headset products.

    2017-03-28 14:27:55
  • Why is the Bluetooth headset sound quality is not to force?

    If someone knows a little bit of audio knowledge, will certainly know the sound quality of Bluetooth headphones as wired headphones. Some people will blame the sound quality of the Bluetooth transmission speed, but also that the Bluetooth standard upgrade and sound quality will have an inevitable link. But is it really that way? What are the reasons why Bluetooth audio equipment will be constrained by the sound quality? Dental compression process in the loss of Bluetooth audio equipment caused by poor sound quality is very simple reason is very simple, because in the transmission process which uses a lossy code to compress the audio signal. And loss of coding in the compression in order to be able to achieve a larger compression ratio, to achieve a smaller amount of data, will abandon the audio signal which some of the original information. And the compressed information is insufficient, resulting in distortion in the process of decompression and restore.

    Damage to audio distortion is such a thing I think a lot of people know that over-compression of the picture will produce significant noise or color blocks, and these two phenomena is detrimental to the distortion caused by compression. The loss of audio is also the case, the same will be introduced when the distortion distortion, but not very intuitive. Many people will be more difficult to distinguish between damage and lossless music between the differences, so even if you do not feel the loss of sound caused by Bluetooth transmission is also very normal one thing.

    If you want to distinguish between the loss and loss of the obvious difference between, I suggest that a lossless music can be compressed into a small bit rate MP3 (preferably less than 96kbps). This contrast can be clearly found after the loss of mp3 version will lose a lot of detail and high frequency. While the sense of density will sound down, you will feel the loss of audio is a very loose sense of listening. But with the loss of audio bit rate (file volume) rise, the difference will become smaller and smaller, or even difficult to distinguish, far less than the visual images and video intuitive. Why use the lossy transmission in the early because Bluetooth bandwidth is limited, so have to use lossy compression, the audio bit rate becomes smaller after the transmission. And today, Bluetooth has been the development of several generations, Bluetooth 4.0 limit transmission up to 24Mbps. On the current point of view, lossless audio bandwidth requirements are not harsh, CD specifications of lossless audio only 1.4Mbps bandwidth can be achieved, far below the limit speed, but why still can not be non-destructive transmission?

    At present, the sound quality of Bluetooth transmission may be limited by two aspects. First of all because of the agreement, Bluetooth transmission audio is mainly dependent on A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) protocol, A2DP provides the audio through the Bluetooth transmission must meet the conditions. If you do not use the A2DP protocol for transmission, will lead to the receiver can not identify the sender issued by the audio data.

    The protocol was established early in the Bluetooth standard, without taking into account the current situation, the amount of data transferred at the time of the restrictions, making the audio data can only reach about 328kbps. So even if the new Bluetooth standard can bring higher transmission speed, but these protocols are not updated, the use will still be limited by the speed they are limited.

    Second, Bluetooth is also based on 2.4GHz band, and WiFi, wireless mouse and keyboard, etc. will be used to the band. Transmission of data will produce some interference, resulting in intermittent sound, especially audio equipment will have a significant impact on the user experience.

    In fact, the sound quality is gradually increasing even if the amount of data when Bluetooth audio transmission is limited by the agreement, by improving the transmission quality of the compressed code can improve the sound quality. And now very popular aptX coding is achieved through this way to enhance. In simple terms, it is in the case of the same rate can bring better compression effect, so even if limited to the agreement, still able cheap beats to improve the sound quality. AptX although improve the sound quality, but did not do without loss, and loss of audio quality is still a gap.

    2017-03-27 14:08:14
  • How does the headset line work? 4 tips to help you solve

    Your headset line may be aging, it is recommended that you replace the beats by dre wireless headset. If you really want to soften the headphone cord, you can use carbon tetrachloride or No. 0 gasoline to soak the headphone cord for a few hours, but keep the safety precautions and do not let the earplugs and connectors be soaked.

    Headset line hardening or headphone cable quality is not good, and this change relative to the headset line is irreversible, you want to headset line is not hardened to buy some better quality headphones. A lot of headset line will be hard to use a long time, some people say that good headset line will not, in fact, as long as the plastic headset line will be hardened! Because this is the process of plastic aging, who can not change. I have a way to make the hardened headset line softer, but the effect is general. Headphone line really hard to unacceptable friends can try. That is, with hot water and add some acidic substances, such as vinegar, water not too open. Put the headset line into the soak, be careful not to let the headset into the water, it is best to seal the ear to wrap the ear. Time can be a little longer, or directly soaked in water to the cold, bubble the best blow with the hair dryer, you will find the line has become soft.

    Headphone line contact with the skin where the love is hard, but do not know how to harden that part of the headset line back, I am the other line is hardened or is the hardened part of the above, or else Change the line (good headphones worth doing) poor headphones would not want to use, bad to throw. When using the headset line do not let the face and neck at the sebum and sweat, often with cotton balls and alcohol cleaning headphone cable, you can delay the headset line hardened.

    2017-03-27 14:05:18
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