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  • Poor quality headphones on the body harm?

    Poor health of the headset is a problem that is often overlooked by everyone. In fact, the harm of poor quality headphones is like you put a construction site or drill bit worn on the head, if you often live under noise, physical and mental health damage is self-evident. Poor high-end headphones is a sound killer of the sound, too sharp treble is very easy to make your listening fatigue in an instant, which is much faster than the quality of low-quality bass. Many people's hearing began to decline in the young, a large part of the reason is subject to more harsh high-frequency attacks. If this long past, the most serious consequences may be the loss of hearing. A more alarming situation is: there are many high-priced headphones, their voice will still hurt your hearing and physical and mental health, the most common situation is too strong bass. How can we buy high-quality headphones?

    How to choose the headset because the use of low-quality headset production materials are relatively poor, headphones without any inspection, so bad headphones profitable. Why some of the original high-priced headphones also have unqualified problems? Today, many manufacturers to reduce the cost of Walkman to improve their competitiveness, desperately in the headphones and other accessories on the article, even if the difference is too few to attract consumption By. So as consumers to improve the sense of danger at the same time, to master some of the skills to identify headphones. Identify the earphone is the simplest: listen to 10 to 15 minutes or so, if the ear has a sense of pain, head dizzy, and accompanied by mild nausea, then this headset is likely to be inferior products.

    In the purchase of high-priced headphones, we can generally check the headset work, audition effect of these two aspects to identify the headset true and false. Original headset workmanship is very detailed, no flash, the junction is very smooth. The headset manufacturer's markings are very clear, without breaking the word, headphone cable length and the packaging described above is consistent. And fake work is very rough, the printed mark will touch out will be lost. Most of the headphones are glue sticky, the above can beats headphones beats headphones on sale see the obvious traces of glue, and as long as the effort can break the headset. Headphone cable length is shorter, the material is poor, feel more rigid. Original headphones in listening to the effect is very good, no noise, high school bass performance is particularly good; and fake headphones generally sounds sound relatively thin, like a stereo radio, no bass. And even sometimes there will be "creak" of the noise, or a volume of beats solo a small volume of the situation. So if you buy the product above these problems, then the headset is mostly a cheap beats by dr dre problem.

    2017-06-23 11:42:35
  • What is the relationship between the sound of the headset and the understanding of the music?

    This question should be from two aspects, the studio music (mainly popular) and live music (classical and real instruments). First of all to clear a concept that is the sound of the replay. From the CD's recording, the singer and the instrument sound came out, through the microphone recording, and then post-processing, burn CD, is a series of distortion process. Especially in the studio recording of popular music, many instruments and even electronic synthesis. And then we hear the sound, but also from the CD signal to restore, decoding, amplification and finally transmitted through the headset, but also a series of distortion process. With a metaphor, the sound of the headphones is like painting, the original voice is like the beats headphones cheap scenery, painting can be abstract, can be realistic, there are many styles, but then realistic painting, it can not really the same scenery. Back to the topic up, the recording studio pop music because of their own in the process of burning MSG heavy, vocal and musical instrument post-processing is also very serious, in the "high fidelity" above the pursuit is undoubtedly ridiculous, the Lord listen to such music, To seize the "seasoning" word. Meaning what kind of voice you like, to choose what kind of headset system.

    For example, some people like beats by dre low-frequency, some people have requirements for the teeth, some people like the sound of thick, some people like the cool voice, according to their own listening hobbies, and constantly adjust their own headset system to cheap beats by dre achieve the most comfortable listening You can. Blindly the most "high fidelity", then the shortcomings of the recording will be exposed, such as false musical instruments, etc., but not the United States. This time, is to listen to a sense of dominance, rather than high-fidelity playback-led, according to their own understanding of music with a reasonable match. But classical music is beats headphones cheap completely different.

    2017-06-22 11:35:25
  • Open the door to the new world high fidelity headphones big

    Expensive equipment sometimes can bring a good sense of listening. Especially in a long time to listen to some of the sound quality is not very good equipment, and then put on the cheap beats by dr dre high-end hifi equipment, feeling more prominent. But the sound quality is on the one hand, as a new era of good teenager, the headset is also a very good accessories, so there is a look of sadness can also add a lot. In the sound quality is very good under the premise of the appearance and workmanship is also very delicate and rigorous shell made of titanium alloy, and on a layer of black lacquer, the visual effect is very good, with a ceramic-like texture. The front of the cavity is a black engineering plastic, the surface of the type of earplugs and left and right channel signs, before and after the two parts of the middle of the beats headphones on sale cavity sandwiched slightly silver yellow aluminum stabilizer. Tesla technology surrounds the periphery of the voice coil so that the diaphragm can directly obtain greater drive energy and minimize cavity resonance, thereby greatly improving the sound playback level, with the traditional moving coil unit natural, mellow Sound quality characteristics, and with the ordinary moving coil, moving iron beats by dre on sale earplugs unit has a greater detail and dynamic performance.

    , Tri-band is extremely balanced, high-frequency smooth, moderate frequency, low frequency surging strong, regardless of the type of music can be done handy. The weight of the Pelanto is also very light, 7 grams of weight to wear light if nothing, ear sets also used unconventional shallow ear, but the sound is very good, suitable for long wear. Very high-end atmospheric grade headset products, earmuffs are made of expensive and scarce ebony, and take the most lightweight aluminum-magnesium alloy frame and the Spanish production of high-level beats solo lambskin made of ear pads , By hand these delicate parts together, is a design and materials are very good headset flagship headset products.

    2017-06-21 11:31:42
  • Headphones in the market to buy methods

    The appearance of the various headphones earplugs also changes as people appreciate. For the average consumer in general, when buying headphones, or to consider the appearance of the problem, and the quality of headset products work. Large manufacturers of headphones used in the production of plastic is usually, so the appearance is very smooth, but beats headphones cheap also a certain degree of stress and toughness; it is not a sense of hard work, work is also more fine, feel good, but not the use of poor quality made of plastic rough The Also, the headset wire diameter is relatively thick, you can ensure stable transmission, the line feel soft and hard; plug done very neat, will not leave the burr, the coating smooth and even. If you do not meet the above conditions do not buy the best When you buy headphones, headphones or instructions on the performance indicators to pay attention to, because the poor quality of the headphones are often produced by some small factories, and its performance indicators are indiscriminately marked, some exaggerated. Headphones generally have to reach the minimum 20 ~ 20kHz frequency range, greater than 100mW power, less than or slightly equal to 0.5% of the harmonic distortion. If you do not meet beats by dre cheap the above requirements, you'd better not buy. If the performance on the instructions to write too high the best products do not buy.

    Common headphone technical indicators are: headphone structure, sensitivity, frequency response range, impedance, harmonic distortion, wire, energy conversion methods. Everyone in the purchase of headphones, may wish to note the following:

    1. Sensitivity:

    Refers to the same loudness in the case, the sound source needs the size of the input power, that is, the user sounds like the same sound, the higher the sensitivity of the headset, the sound source needs to enter the smaller power. This is for portable devices such as Walkman, the higher the sensitivity, the more easy to drive headphones.

    2. Frequency response range:

    Refers to the headset can send out the width of the band, the International Electrotechnical Commission IEC581-10 standard high-fidelity headphones frequency response range can not be less than 50Hz to 12500Hz between the outstanding headphones frequency response width of up to 5Hz-40000Hz or so, while the human ear The hearing range is only about 20Hz-20000Hz. It is worth noting that the criteria for limiting the frequency response width are different, for example, at a standard of less than 1/2 of the average output amplitude or less than 1/4. This is obviously different. The general manufacturer is the output amplitude reduction of 1/2 as the standard measured frequency response width, that is to -3dB as the standard, but because of the different test standards used, so some products that are measured at -10dB The. But in fact is equivalent to less than the normal value of less than 1/16 as the standard measurement, so the frequency width greatly widened. Users should pay attention to the purchase of different brands of headphones frequency response width may have different test standards.

    3. Headphone impedance:

    Is the earphone AC impedance of the short, different impedance of the headset is mainly used for different occasions, in the desktop or amplifier, VCD, DVD, TV and other equipment. Commonly used in high-impedance headphones, some professional headphone impedance even in more than 200 ohms, which is in order to match the professional machine headphone jack. For a variety of portable Walkman, such as CD, MD or MP3, the general use of low-impedance headphones, generally because these low-impedance headphones easier to drive.

    4. Harmonic distortion:

    Is a waveform distortion, marked in the headset beats headphones indicators, the smaller the distortion, the better the sound quality.

    5. Adaptation:

    Inverter mode is divided into: electric, capacitive and dual-split headphones. Moving coil is the most cheap beats by dr dre common, with a simple structure, sound quality and stability, to withstand power, high sensitivity; capacitive also known as electrostatic headphones, with good sound quality, frequency bandwidth advantages. But the structure is very complex, resulting in manufacturing difficult, making very few manufacturers to do such headphones. Now the market is also rarely seen using this model of stereo headphones; dual-split headphones in the semi-open headphones based on the integration of the electric and capacitive both the advantages of their own dual-band headphones. It combines the advantages of electric, capacitive, closed, open four headphones, such as from the dynamic range, transient response, playback quality, sound thickness, etc. are very outstanding, and Its sound resolution is the best choice for music enthusiasts.

    2017-06-20 11:29:48
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