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  • How to choose home background music system sound?

    Home background music system sound is in any room in the room, including the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, study, balcony, are installed background music controller, through one or more sources, high-fidelity stereo music to each Room, according to their own needs to select the source and independent control of the volume of each room size, so the function beats by dr dre is in the panel and remote control operation, so that each room can hear the wonderful music.

    In the star luxury hotel, music has long been integrated into the interior decoration system, lobby, corridors, restaurants, etc., background music like invisible streams, gurgling flowing, ubiquitous, to the guests to enjoy the wonderful, but also shows the hotel's elegance and comfort The In recent years, with the improvement of people's living standards, more and more attention to the comfort of home decoration and cultural tastes, music has gradually become a new element of home beats headphones cheap decoration, and increasingly become one of the essential home improvement configuration.

    At present, many family background music manufacturers, how according to their own conditions, choose their own and cost-effective products, then we need this product and its supporting products for analysis and understanding. A complete family background music system should consist of three parts:

    First, the sound source part

    Second, the controller part

    Third, the speaker part

    Audio, MP3, MP4, MP5, can be used as a sound source, turn right to have a choice of 6 channels can be selected from the source, the sound source can be easily understood as the sound of the carrier, the family background music system can freely choose the source, computer, , 2-way public audio (wiring input) and 4-way local source (built-in FM + built-in 1G memory + extrapolated SD card + USB) controller part of the home background music controller system is divided into two types of main and split.

    1. The composition of different equipment; Central family background music composition: a central host, the area of ??the district controller, remote control, speakers. Split family background music composition: the sound zone controller, remote control, speakers.

    2. Different audio sources: central host set up a variety of sources to the sound area of ??the control panel. Split is the source directly to the various partition controller.

    3. Function is different: the central main function in the host, the partition panel function only on the partition of the sound source sound volume beats by dre on sale control, split each partition controller is equivalent to the central function set to the partition controller, the main function Are on the partition controller.

    4. Power is different: the central power compared to large, split power is relatively small. The

    5. Energy saving and environmental protection is different: the central power consumption is relatively large, the volume is relatively large on the neighbors will inevitably cause noise. Split, power is cheap beats headphones small, power consumption is also small.

    6. Different flexibility: Central each time every zone to start listening to music have to open the host, the relative flexibility is poor, separate each channel control the power switch, the source selection, open the partition controller can listen to Music, flexibility is better. The

    7. Price price is different: the central price is expensive, generally with the same level of split products at least four or five times higher, split price is moderate, in line with the concept of mass consumption.

    2017-08-16 11:23:22
  • Professional speaker tweeter daily maintenance

    The loudspeaker in the loudspeaker is the weakest and most simple cheap beats by dr dre damage in beats by dre studio the professional sound system. In order to reduce the risk of damage to the loudspeaker, it is necessary to adopt the method from the system description, the operation and the maintenance of the speaker itself.

    1. Operational considerations

    Operation should pay special attention to the power amplifier output volume to be appropriate, in particular, to prevent some strong shock signal to form the speaker damage. Start, shut down, plug the power plug and plug the various components of the signal line and other initiatives, should first adjust cheap beats the mixer volume control properly closed; microphone jump on the ground and the intense reaction of the whistle will be the threat of the formation of the speaker should be Try to prevent. Professional sound system should be activated and closed the right times: boot, you should first connect the various pre-level (including the signal source, mixer, processor) power, and finally connected to the power amplifier power; The mixer volume to the minimum, and then plug the power amplifier, and ultimately closed the front of the power supply, so that the impact of the speaker can be reduced to a minimum. Now with the power sequencer, the use of electronic delay relay initiatives, so that each device can be set according to the pre-set and interrupted power supply, improve the safety of the operation, to prevent the operation of the management personnel unnecessary Lost. Professional sound

    2. Prevents the loudspeaker due to clipping distortion

    The power of the burner unit burns all from the power amplifier. The extra output power is too large power amplifier, the additional output power of small speakers constitute a threat, any professional audio system to describe the staff and operators should pay attention to and prevent this situation. But many of the business song and dance halls, some units of the auditorium, the salon, we often encounter trouble is a power of power amplifier, but unknowingly in the tweeters burned. Professional sound

    To find out why the low-power power amplifier will burn the higher beats by dre studio power speakers in the tweeters of the reason, the first thing to clarify the two questions: First, the characteristics of the music signal, the second is the power amplifier output power characteristics.

    3. Speakers

    In order to deal with the tweeters simple burning of the doubt, the manufacturers developed a number of new speaker maintenance circuit, the product can make the safe operation of the state at full load.

    ?Usually the speaker maintenance circuit depicts two plans. One is short-circuit maintenance and disconnects the signal before the loudspeaker unit is overloaded. This description depicts the loudspeaker, but will make the program play off and affect the atmosphere of the show. The other is for the advanced series of products of the controller, the use of multiple sets of limiter, the constraints of the signal ups and downs, highway overload time is very small, but it will suppress the music of the dynamic, performance becomes flat

    2017-08-15 11:27:42
  • Copper wire or silver wire

    Now with the headphones to listen to music friends are more and more, cheap beats by dre headset enthusiasts are rapidly growing, many users are slowly unable to be satisfied with beats earphones the original headset wire sound quality, resulting in the idea of ??changing the line, it is so domestic various types Headset upgrade wire market was unusually prosperous, but for the headset for what line is the real upgrade?

    For this problem, from the most basic materials to start.

    Has just begun to contact headphones to upgrade the wire of the novice, the material is often too much fantasy, especially by the South hifi culture, the fascination for the silver line a lot, there are many people to upgrade the wire does not consider the characteristics of their own headphones personal taste, Blind pursuit of beats by dre on sale silver line, in fact, this is very wrong.

    Silver line in the transmission of high frequency has a clear advantage in the sound performance: the details and sense of space will have a strong weight, for the headphones do make people ears up, but not necessarily Naiting, A beats by dr dre little longer time tends to have too fast, too stimulating fatigue.

    Compared to copper sound mellow, low frequency calm, high frequency is not so bright, relatively warm and endurance, although in the resolution, high frequency extension and other individual qualities with the silver line has a significant gap, but because the copper More affordable, more suitable for all kinds of music, more in line with the public aesthetic, so the major headphones are widely used in wire rods as a signal transmission wire.

    Even more than 10,000 yuan top headphones, but also the choice of copper wire as a wire instead of silver,

    Therefore, the headset with copper wire is not just because of the cost of the reasons, the sound matching problem is fundamental.

    2017-08-14 11:25:20
  • Performance requirements for speaker frequency divider capacitance components

    Crossover networks are an important part of a combined loudspeaker, but the components used by the crossover network will result in difficulties in adjusting the characteristics and the difference in sound quality due to the loss or distortion of the coil or capacitor The High-fidelity loudspeaker systems (loudspeakers) used in crossover network elements must be carefully selected components.

    The capacitance of the speaker frequency system requires the following performance:

    (1). Loss is low

    In order to obtain the correct cut-off characteristic and to make the loss in the passband small, it is necessary to use components having a series resistance component and a small cheap beats leakage current.

    (2). The pressure and current capacity should be sufficient

    Impedance 8 ohm input power 10OW level of the speaker, DC voltage as 100V or so is enough. However, for the frequency division network, when the audio current flows from the capacitor, no matter how high the DC voltage, the current capacity of the capacitor will be small and damaged. In order to make the current capacity large, need to use low loss and heat capacity, heat dissipation performance of large capacitors.

    (3). Capacitance, loss and charge adhesion characteristics and other electrical properties to be stable

    When the capacitance characteristic changes, the signal added to the loudspeaker will be distorted, and the capacitance with stable insulation characteristics and structure, which does not change with the applied voltage, frequency and temperature, must be used.

    (4). No induction type components

    This is an important condition beats headphones cheap for obtaining proper cut-off characteristics and excellent transient characteristics.

    However, the frequency division network must be a large capacity capacitor, must beats earphones also be wound type, and its lead must be removed as shown in Figure (a) below. The structure shown in Fig. (B) is an inductive component, so as not to be good.

    (5). beats by dre sale The capacitance error should be small

    The capacitance of the capacitor directly affects the output sound pressure frequency characteristics and phase characteristics of the loudspeaker system, so it is necessary to use the capacitor with accurate capacitance. For example, a filter having a 12 dB / octave attenuation characteristic has a frequency variation and an attenuation coefficient that is inversely proportional to 1 / root C. Usually use the error is plus or minus 10% of the capacitor.

    The capacitance used to divide the network, in the audible band and at the lower frequency, should use high-precision pure capacitors, so the insulation between the electrodes should be excellent dielectric.

    2017-08-12 11:00:35
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