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  • Wear headphones with art

    In the era of smart and big data, many emerging smart electronic products often appear on people, but there is no substitute for electronic decoration products. It is a favorite of fashion-conscious people regardless of location and age, That's the headset. Different from the portable in-ear earphones, the sound quality of the earphones tends to give more space to play, and the appearance of the model is more designed. So like to listen to music, boys and girls will choose a headset with their own favorite appearance, and the pursuit of the trend of personality will be more carefully selected a high value of the headset. So for yourself, how to choose a suitable style and style of their own headphones it? We need to solve two problems first. Headphones are suitable for the street? There is no specific classification Not all headphones are suitable for the street, the biggest difference between headphones and in-ear headphones is the headset sound quality sound field better, less portable, so headphones have home, portable , Monitoring, mixing, human record these types. Wear the street with the best general outfit to choose portable headphones.

    Headphones is not soundproof effect is not good? Air leakage, and wear a long ear pain In fact, headphone noise effects differ from the degree of openness of the headset, the degree of openness is divided into open, semi-open and closed. Depending on the needs of everyone can choose a different design, to find the package ear or earmuffs and ear buds to wear more comfortable. So, what kind of person what kind of clothing style suitable for what kind of appearance headphones? Here to talk to you. In fact, headsets wear a wide range of brand names, different styles of headset manufacturers different, and the same brand may have different series of different styles, so there are still many choices. If you are not too high on the sound quality of non-Shaoyou, is usually like to listen to music, often like to wear headphones "to enjoy the personal world," more cheerful personality, playful, more glamorous girls. This type of crowd to students are mostly likely to wear and match with the clothing and not too much research, good-looking beats by dre cheap clothes, but the overall style is not obvious, the color is more abundant. Then you need to be able to freely wild, how to wear on the neck are able to integrate into the overall headphone, so that looks more sunshine, more dazzling, the winter will make you feel is wrapped beats by dre studio in a scarf wearing headphones Warm deer.

    Fruit is the urban white-collar workers who have to work, perhaps the daily style of clothing will be more compared with their own personality and hobbies, some people like white, the whole body are plain clothes, some people like black, calm and full of style , Mainly dark clothes. Not too publicity, if you are the royal sister or the god of high cold, then the sound quality and color value is good headphone is the preferred, excellent beats headphones sound quality, appearance of the headset can be worn with a variety of styles to let you Different, you can cater to cheap beats headphones your own music taste and clothing with the street, to create a high value, but also make people feel the appeal of music, if you like to listen to music and beauty, you can be a suitable for their own head and Headphones to buy back, out of the street travel can be carried as a gift is equally suitable.

    2018-01-23 10:00:45
  • Fall in love with sports headphones, bone conduction more range children

    To love playing, love sports young people, tired of the ordinary Bluetooth headset, do not like the discomfort caused by earbud headphones, do not like the volume of headphones. There are more fun, cool sports headphones? I believe many people are not necessarily aware of bone conduction headphones, do not need the ears, do not need a big earmuffs, through the human brain, such as the voice of the skull, it is cool. This time running, the music will be clearer to hear it. Running time, wear bone conduction headphones, the complete liberation of both ears, exercise can also easily notice the surrounding situation, the safety factor is higher. Even in noisy environment, but also a clear answer the beats by dre studio phone, comfortable to listen to wonderful music. Clear vocal performance, very penetrating, full of three-dimensional sense. By voice control, call, play music is that simple.

    Very soft bone conduction headphones, light body, long time to wear will not have the feeling of collet. Tight fit to the head, strenuous exercise will not easily fall off. The use beats by dre sale of flexible rubber material, strong and durable. Has a super waterproof, fearless sweat after exercise. Through bone conduction technology, even when riding, fear of airflow interference, but also to listen to the music clearly, answer the phone. Very gorgeous bone conduction headphones, connected via Bluetooth, without the shackles of the line, exercise more fun. At any time to hear the sound around, fitness occasionally with the friends beats by dre studio cheap beats headphones next to speak, lest too monotonous. Ergonomic design, U-shaped shape is both good-looking and fit the head. Have a special noise technology, do not worry about privacy will leak Oh. With dual microphones to reduce noise, answering calls can be so clear even in the noisy environment. Stereo-quality bone conduction headphones, cool appearance, once won the German red dot design award. Skeleton using titanium alloy wire, strong and flexible sturdy. Beautiful streamlined shape, very artistic. After professional tuner tuning, both ears bring comfortable stereo sound, fitness music power enough. IP55 level of protection, you can enjoy the sweat it friends. With cool bone conduction sports headphones, completely get rid of ear stuffy ear feeling, ear headphones wearing a long folder of ear feeling, running, fitness also more natural, comfortable.

    2018-01-18 10:17:40
  • Rejuvenate yourself, just a pair of bone conduction headphones

    At the beginning of the new year, many people will say the following sentence at this new year and new year: the new year and the new self. The new year, if you want to create a new self, it is necessary from the inside out to enhance their own image and enhance the external image In addition to changing the hairstyle and clothing, the body wearing some of the items is also very important, Such as watches, beats by dre wireless bracelets, glasses, headphones ... In the new year, a high-end bone conduction sports headphones, you can enhance your temperament, highlighting your taste. Bone conduction sports Bluetooth headset, can deal with such a good situation. When wearing, different from the traditional in-ear and headset, just put the headset near the temple, you can feel the vibration of the skull headphones to the sound. The ear is open, the real feeling of music is actually the skull. This open binaural, so that you can not only listen to music during exercise, but also aware of beats beats by dre headphones cheap other means of transport (such as motor vehicles, electric cars, etc.) beeps, timely detection of sudden obstacles on the road to sudden situations Respond in time. Many people are fond of outdoor traversing, but the sport has a high risk factor, so be prepared before crossing. In addition to Jackets, shoes, backpacks, water bottles outside the bone conduction Bluetooth headset is also a must for outdoor traversal, these two features make you fearless in the wilderness in the deserted cheap beats headphones direction, can be achieved anywhere with others call, if unlucky Left behind, teammates can quickly find your location,

    A good bone conduction headset, not only has a beautiful appearance enhances its own force, but also to make outdoor sports safer. If you want to be a type of sports people, outdoor ALICE, then BELSHUN GY2 bone conduction sports Bluetooth headset will help you to accomplish this wonderful wish.

    2018-01-16 10:26:02
  • Correct choice of noise-canceling headphones to listen to the sound of wonderful music

    Winter season, the weather is cold, chilled in my heart, people will become lazy, free to curl up in the blanket or indoors, do not want to go out, so chill Qinru heart, full of unhappiness, not the kind of Exciting passion, less colorful outdoor activities, in addition to the same work, but also difficult to have more colorful beats by dre studio life to enrich themselves, and sometimes a rare rest time, unwilling to loneliness, only through music to baptism Physical and mental, relieve fatigue, indulge in the music world, can be considered for themselves another good time, through different ways to lack of refreshing, optimistic in the face of fresh life, but also feel the wonderful music band Comes for the special charm. For the headphones, we are not strangers, have had to wear a headset to find a corner of their own, playing like the song, quietly listen to the wonderful notes, revel in their own exclusive world, feeling the expression of music to express their emotions. Towards the end of the year, people gradually get busy and seemingly lively and happy, but as the saying goes, the cheap beats headphones opposite is true. Too busy, it will inevitably feel nauseating. The environment of noisy people annoying, and sometimes need Can not find a suitable clean place to place themselves, this time you want to isolate the noise, shielding the outside world, can only wear headphones to listen to the beauty of music, to bid farewell to the hustle and bustle of the outside world, immersed in their own music The world exiles itself, exudes itself and feels the moment of tranquility and purity.

    With the development of science and technology, digital tidal wave emerge in an endless stream, the headphone is also clinging to the east wind of science and technology to be varied, advanced and versatile, we beats by dr dre also have more choices, the more popular than the noise-canceling headphones recently, good Noise reduction effect, can make people feel the music better world, has quickly become the new darling into the market, is the new choice for everyone to compete, leading the new fashion, as the fashion industry's wavers, noise-canceling headphones Concern has soared all the way, with its protection of hearing health and good noise shielding effect is inextricably linked, but also its specific role in the specific performance. Noise canceling headphones can be so helpless, inseparable from its own good skills, but with the gradual breakdown of noise-canceling headphones, different functions, different performance and different beats by dre on sale price headphones are more and more, although the mainstream big down Noise-canceling headset products are not as much as the dazzling, but how to choose according to their own preferences and the use of good noise-good headphones, or very test people, it is best we still have targeted understanding, Do unmanaged forage first, master some of the necessary knowledge and skills, even if it is a rainy day is good, better than the book when used to hate less.

    For headphones, our needs can be broadly divided into travel, sports wear or music enthusiasts choice, although the choice of noise-canceling headphones, but there should still be a specific choice, different scenarios require different environments, such as travel Business needs such as noise-canceling headphones, the best design can be removed from the shackles of the line, the headset can be accompanied by charging, human-friendly automatic switch, effectively saving the headset power, ergonomic compact body , You can show a more pure and clear sound quality for you, you can also detect the human environment through the sensor you are in, automatically switch to the default environment, to provide you with more intelligent noise reduction effect, so that your journey is no longer lonely Let the music accompany you all the way. Of course, friends who love sports choose headphones from different perspectives, such as intelligent sports headphones that can achieve heart rate monitoring. The use of ultra-light materials plus the earplugs make them lighter and more stable when worn. Or built-in microphone heart rate monitor built-in, you can more accurate real-time recording of your heart rate and exercise status, you can view the relevant data through mobile app and detailed evaluation, compact and lightweight appearance, with non-destructive high-speed transmission of Bluetooth Technology, become the best companion for your portable wireless. The music enthusiasts, of course, have a higher level of requirements and pursuits as a passionate hobbyist and fanatics of music, just as with the exclusive TriPort patented technology, which can push the air flow into the ears and thus generate more emotion Bass headphones, noise reduction at the same time more shocking and rhythmic bass for you, the active noise reduction and passive noise reduction is the perfect combination of equipped with a dual microphone system, which means you can be self-willed In different environments below to achieve a more clear call to avoid the end of the call can not continue the fun experience of fun trouble, truly noise reduction at the same time a human service, so that your music journey destined to be unusual, groping The road to the pursuit of music even more powerful, feel free to feel the most pure music.

    2018-01-13 10:42:35
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