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  • Choose Bluetooth headset do not want to be these details you have to pay attention

    Consumers themselves must also improve their ability to discriminate products. For the identification of cottage products, it is believed that consumers now have enough experience, but for manufacturers to describe the description of the product itself, people's vigilance is not enough, after all, manufacturers are now With more and more emphasis on product packaging and promotion, in the face of a series of new terms and gorgeous publicity rhetoric, consumers are likely to be lost in it and ignore some really useful product information. This does not necessarily mean that the product itself is not good, but that we have to have some basic understanding of the advertising of the product. We can quickly find information that is easily overlooked but often useful in the complex information, so as not to be Gorgeous flamboyant face. Today, we have chosen the Bluetooth headset as an example. Let us see what are the details that we often overlooked or did not fully understand in the selection process. It is possible that these pits you once fell into.

    Now that we have selected Bluetooth headsets, the requirements are quite different from those of a few years ago. A few years ago, we were talking about unilaterally calling a Bluetooth headset. Now you tell people to buy Bluetooth headsets. The default is stereo Bluetooth headsets. Since it is mainly used for playing music, the sound quality is of course the emphasis. Currently, Bluetooth headsets with good sound quality in the market all support aptX, aptX HD, and LDAC, which are any of the high-quality Bluetooth transmission protocols. That is to say, supporting these high-quality Bluetooth transmission protocols is a prerequisite for sound quality of Bluetooth headsets. This is what the headphone manufacturers emphasized when they advertised. However, you have to know that manufacturers only say half of the words, to support the above high-quality Bluetooth transmission protocol must support the audio source, simply put, your mobile phone or portable player must also support these protocols, otherwise the headset is playing It is still working under the SBC Bluetooth protocol.

    The manufacturer will either not tell you this in the promotional copy, or will make additional explanations in an unobtrusive place, but you have not noticed. I happily bought back the headphones and felt that the sound quality wasn't as good as advertised. I didn't know that it wasn't the headphones, but that you were given a routine by this half-savvy advertisement. After all, there are only a few mobile phones and portable players supporting the high-quality Bluetooth transmission protocol. To enjoy high-quality Bluetooth playback, cough, or upgrade the audio source first. Life is also a concern for consumers when they are buying Bluetooth headsets. We do not want Bluetooth headsets to be dead for just a few hours. There are many bluetooth headsets that claim how much battery life can be achieved, but there are very few specific instructions on the circumstances under which this battery life can be achieved. Generally, if the Bluetooth headset supports aptX and SBC at the same time, its nominal battery life is basically calculated according to the playing duration under the SBC protocol. The higher the cheap beats headphones transmission quality, the more power it will cost, especially when you use LDAC sound quality first. When you are in the mode, you will find that the headset's life is significantly shorter. In general, you will find the LDAC settings in the playback device, there are sound quality priority mode, standard mode and connection priority mode, but you may never have thought about the impact of life is actually these details. For sports Bluetooth headsets, there is also a publicity point is the waterproof function, tell you how much the headset waterproof IPX can reach, but many manufacturers will wipe the ball at this point, in fact, many known waterproof Bluetooth headsets are only Splash-proof, not really waterproof. The full version of the IP international protection level certification requirements manufacturers will not be listed in the product description, then the specific content of this level is what?

    Most of our common Bluetooth headsets are waterproof IPX4. These can't be called real waterproof. They can also prevent splatter. It's not a big problem if it's raining, but you can't put it under the faucet or carry it. Swim, otherwise the headset is broken but the manufacturer does not give you warranty. If beats by dr dre you reach the IPX7 level, it will be really waterproof. You will not be able to throw a meter deep water in a short time. So, for those bluetooth headsets that play with the waterproof edge, you can use the conditions carefully. There is no need to mention noise reduction, but in view of the fact that some users are not very clear about the various types of noise reduction, so let's talk about it. There are two types of noise reduction mentioned in the Bluetooth headset, active noise reduction and call noise reduction. We all understand that active noise reduction, headphones deal with beats by dre environmental noise and reduce, give you a quiet listening experience. Call noise reduction is based on the headset's own microphone. This microphone deals with your voice and environmental noise. It suppresses the ambient noise to emphasize your voice, so that people who talk to you can hear clearly. if. There are some consumers who look at the description of the merchandise and look at it carefully. If you look at the noise reduction function at a glance, you think that the headphone has active noise reduction. In fact, it only has the call noise reduction. Some manufacturers will also deliberately blur the concept of noise reduction, allowing you to think that headphones have active noise reduction. If you do not look carefully, you will be rehearsed. The beats by dre studio above points need to pay attention to a few details of the optional Bluetooth headset, do not know if you have noticed during the purchase process? Sometimes it is because of being cheated by advertisements. Sometimes it is because we are not careful enough. Now that various laws and regulations are gradually being standardized, the space for unscrupulous manufacturers to show their tactics is getting smaller and smaller. At the same time, we must also keep our eyes open. We must make more allowance when we purchase Bluetooth headsets to avoid economic losses.

    2018-03-19 10:21:54
  • How to avoid hearing loss in live performances?

    The volume of live performances is often large, so the risk of music beats headphones people suffering from hearing loss is also greatly increased. In this article, I will explain to everyone the principles and consequences of hearing loss, as well as ways to avoid hearing loss in live performances. The volume of live performances is often large, so the risk of music people suffering from hearing loss is also greatly increased. In this article, I will explain to everyone the principles and consequences of hearing loss, as well as ways to avoid hearing loss in live performances.

    Noise hearing loss

    The culprit for noise-induced hearing loss may be the sudden appearance of strong noisesuch as an explosion, or a sustained high-volume environmentsuch as rock and roll scenes. This hearing loss may be temporary or long-term, affecting one ear or both ears.

    How ears work

    An organ filled with liquid in the inner ear is called the cochlea. A thin film in front of the cochlea will cause the liquid to move when it vibrates. Thousands of cilia will oscillate in the liquid. For example, like a wheat field that winds. After a series of bioelectrical changes, the hair cells transform the sound signals into bioelectrical signals that are transmitted to the brain through the beats headphones cheap auditory nerves. The brain then processes and integrates the information it delivers to produce hearing.


    Excessive stimulation can lead to cilia instability or constant vibration, which is called tinnitus. Those who have watched the fireworks show should have experienced it. If you are lucky, it will be OK in a few hours; in the most unfortunate case, tinnitus may continue for a long time. Ciliated cells may even die, resulting in partial or complete hearing loss. Some animal cilia can be regenerated but not humans.

    Three factors to pay attention to

    Sound pressure level


    Sound frequency

    Sound pressure level

    Sound pressure is the pressure exerted by a sound on a vertical plane. Simply put, we have a lot of sound in our ears. The sound pressure level is expressed in decibels (dB). The higher the value, the greater the sound intensity. The sound volume below 85dB will not cause hearing loss. The more than 85dB, the more dangerous it is. Reference example:

    60dB = normal conversation volume

    85dB = busy city street volume

    105dB = Larger volume of MP3

    120dB = volume of siren

    2. Time

    The longer you are exposed to a loud environment, the greater the risk of hearing loss. For example, people who go to nightclubs should go out for a break every time. In addition cheap beats by dr dre to avoiding overheating and dehydration, it is also to protect the ears.

    3. Sound frequency

    Certain specific sound frequencies can also cause hearing impairment at low decibels and short-term conditions. In the 19th century, scientists had discovered that sounds at about 4 kHz were more prone to hearing damage. This value is not, 3-8kHz sound may cause similar effects, vary from person to person. However, the sound around 4kHz is the most unpleasant. It is similar to the sudden braking of a bus.

    For musicians, you are experiencing a 4kHz baptism every time a gong is ringing. Since you cannot lose the condolences, you can only find ways to minimize damage.

    Protective measures

    There are many ways to protect your ears. As a guitarist, I will talk from my own point of view. These methods are common in most situations.

    Decrease the volume

    The louder the volume and the longer the time, the higher the risk of hearing impairment. If you're using a lot of volume to not cover the drums, it's better to talk with the drummer to make him lighter. If this doesn't work...

    Pull distance

    The farther away from the drummer, the better. Remember that the hearing loss comes from the huge volume 锟紺 the drum, and the sound around 4kHz 锟紺 the paradox. Not only that, you can also lower your playing volume when you are away from the drummer because you don't have to compete with drums. Your ears and your band will thank you for this.

    Note frequency conflicts

    Once rehearsed, I was placed next to the keyboard player. The two of us quickly realized the inadequacy of this position: the frequency range of our instruments is very similar, so it is difficult to hear each other's performance. If you intuitively increase the volume, the overall effect will be affected; at the same time, the risk of hearing loss is greatly enhanced.

    There are two solutions:

    Go to another place - see the "Distance" chapter

    Learn to adjust your instrument's EQ. Find the main frequency range of your instrument and decrease the volume outside the range. As a result, your performance will sound clearer, and your overall volume will be smaller.

    Site size

    If you are playing in a stadium, a huge volume is necessary. But in the rehearsal room, don't make the sound loud enough. The smaller the venue, the smaller the volume should be.

    Practical equipment

    Unless you are playing acoustic instruments in front of a quiet crowd, it is better to wear noise-proof ear plugs or in-ear monitors.

    Noise protection earplugs

    Covering the ears with something like earmuffs can be effective but not practical. There are many ways to extend your exposure to loudness while avoiding hearing loss. A cheap foam earplug can be bought at a pharmacy, but the sound you hear will be boring, and you will increase the volume of your performance, and it will be a waste of effort.

    Specially designed noise-proof earplugs will reduce the specific frequency, so that you can still hear the sound you need to hear, and the overall ambient volume is built.

    In-ear monitor

    Probably ear headphones. The sound engineer likes this thing because it can reduce the number of monitor speakers on the stage. With the right mix, you can clearly hear the sound of all instruments. However it has three major drawbacks:

    The price is not cheap, but also need receiver and transmitter. It's also cheaper than 锟斤拷100.

    Battery and battery problems. You can't hear anything out of a problem.

    If the environment is loud, you will increase the monitor volume. Because it is in-ear style, the risk of hearing loss is even greater and violates the original intention.

    I personally do not like to use in-ear monitors. I prefer noise-proof earphones and good stage mixing.

    to sum up

    Listening is precious, so please protect it with the following methods:

    Do not expose to loud sounds for a long time and avoid serious injuries

    Set the overall volume according to the size of the venue

    And distance from loud sound sources

    Use EQ to improve sound clarity and avoid increasing overall volume

    Do not compete with loud or same-frequency instruments

    Use frequency-reducing earplugs

    2018-03-15 10:31:17
  • Good standard headphones on the road is what?

    Earlier mentioned good headphones, many people think that it will be expensive audiophile products, for fear that they can not play the full strength of the headset. However, in view of the current widespread use of the consumer environment, a good headset, but also the cheap beats by dre appearance of fashion, beats by dre sale has a certain degree of sound insulation, and there are easy to get, good sound performance. In particular, nowadays, the Bluetooth transmission technology continues to be popularized, the transmission effect is guaranteed, and the unfettered use experience is really comfortable. Therefore, more and more friends will tend to choose a Bluetooth headset with excellent overall performance. Whether it is silver or black, it is not only a business occasion, but also integrates well with consumers in many other scenes. Not only is the appearance of design and color matching friendly, headphones is also very easy to use. The main switch is placed on the side unit panel. Turning the switch from left to right to the middle will start the headset and push it to the right to enter the pairing mode. No matter if it is used once or you are familiar with it, it is quite simple. In the design and user experience have spent a lot of thought headphones, the actual experience is how it? First, talk about the noise reduction experience that many friends are concerned about. By pressing physical buttons, we can switch between the three modes. Even with the high noise reduction mode, the headset still retains some of the ambient noise, so that we do not panic for a moment of complete isolation and even panic and even avoid the danger. No matter what mode of noise beats headphones cheap reduction is turned on, whether it is before or after the music is sounded, the actual experience is quite good.

    The consistent sound style is quite consistent with the current popular music trend. If you want to buy a headset that offers good sound quality and excellent acoustic performance, the headset is in line with the current music trend.

    2018-03-13 10:22:21
  • These headphones for the most important student phone are affordable too

    Although the term "poor student" may not be accurate nowadays, it is undeniable that most student parties still have less discretionary money to spend on their own. However, student groups often like fresh things, but also like to buy a variety of digital products, so they are also beats headphones cheap the mainstay of the headset consumption. Of course, most of the equipment they burn is not the top equipment. For the student party, when buying headphones more consideration is the issue of cost-effective, as far as possible in terms of price and sound quality to achieve a beats by dre sale balance. However, it does not mean that cheap will not be good, and now the major manufacturers have also made in force, starting from the appearance of the headset, and gradually introduced a number of stylish designs, sound performance is also very awesome headphone products, these headphone products The attraction for the students is very large and has a folding structure that is beats by dr dre easy to carry. Although the first beam is relatively small, but without losing the strength and toughness, hollow plastic case lined with stainless steel bar, head beam can be flexible and toughness, wearing the ear will not feel the folder. Headphones in the shape of the continuation of the aesthetic style of fashion, comfortable to wear, foldable design, making it more portable.

    Has a more pronounced triangle style Japanese tuning style. High-frequency gorgeous beats earphones elegant, elegant and shiny, excellent extension; low-frequency income faster, excellent texture, excellent flexibility, and compact cohesion, very strong, is a very typical low-frequency popular; has a typical iron triangle style: The texture and elasticity, not the volume and dive. With a bass effect to enhance the precise sound. Tailored comfort earmuffs ensure an immersive experience and flat cables ensure no tangles. Soundproof earmuffs, blocking the ambient noise.

    2018-03-08 10:15:43
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