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  • You must need the headset to use the safety guide

    Mobile phone songs, see the video I believe we are no strangers, but in the basic problem of wearing headphones, we have a lot of errors. Like the use of mobile phone headset small partners who must pay attention to the following 5 points. 1. Buy genuine headphones

    At present, there is no compulsory hearing safety standards, and poor quality headphones may cause permanent loss of hearing. So often wear a small headset partners, the best choice for high impedance, noise reduction good headphones, beats by dre on sale you can filter out the noise outside, effectively protect your hearing.

    2. Time should not be too long

    Adult use of headphones every day is best not more than 3 to 4 hours, adolescents beats by dre on sale due to hearing organs have not yet mature, not more than beats by dre studio 1 to 2 hours a day. In addition, each time not more than 30 minutes, after listening for a period of time to remove the headset, gently rubbing, relax ears. 3. The volume should not be too high

    The maximum volume should not exceed 60% of the total headphones volume, listen to some of their own sound is relatively large, more harsh music should be reduced when the volume, in addition, the external sound is too large to try not to use headphones.

    4. Pay attention to cleaning the headphones

    Most people may ignore the cleaning headphones, in fact, long hours without cleaning will adhere to many bacteria, relatively weak resistance to people because of these bacteria and sick. Headphones lend to others after use, pay attention to cleaning, you can use wipes or dipped in alcohol cotton swab disinfection.

    5. Appropriate to let the ears leave a fake

    If you work long hours in a low-sparing environment, it is best to go outdoors every week, which is not only beneficial to your physical and mental health, but also a good maintenance beats by dre for hearing. Try not to use headphones before going to bed, so that the ears have enough rest time, many people used to listen to music before going to bed to sleep, if you can not change this habit, it is best to set the time within 30 minutes automatically shut down.

    2017-07-26 11:59:57
  • Only good headphones can fit perfectly to my phone

    Those who need to use the phone, the headset will be just needed. But the headphones are more types, ear-style, ear hanging, headset; wired, wireless Bluetooth; bass, noise reduction, tri-band balance; songs, singing K, sports, business call Of the Bluetooth headset, and the like. The market headphones so many, which one is the most suitable for their own use? Can be perfect fit my phone headset high quality, high frequency display most vividly. Moving coil unit is responsible for the cheap beats by dre low-frequency part, bringing warm and comfortable atmosphere of music, but also by combining the characteristics of both, to retain their own advantages, more beats by dre on sale able to issue a wider range, the details are also very rich wireless smart headphones compatible with mainstream Sports intelligence application. Give your sport more richer. Can be said for your movement born, can effectively monitor your health data. In-ear design, can easily deal with the daily music sharing. Is one of your indispensable equipment.

    Super like the color is very sad look looks very texture, is a bit big. There are a lot of great earplugs! Well, the key is the sound quality is really good, I did not expect the comments do not expect, just want to buy a look. Did not think the sound is very bright ah, very clear, anyway, I think more than 200 really value, the sound quality is absolutely super 200 Headphones look more refined, the color looks better, is the aluminum alloy. The box is packed square, beats by dre wireless feeling a little small, but full of fine box. Voice with my backgammon headphones, sound quality is almost. The headset is purely treble. This pair of headphones is a heavy bass, the effect is better. Like to listen to dj friends is a good choice. 25 dollars in the market can not buy such a good headset. Elastic delivery of two eardrums, there are two hanging ear glue, especially sexy pink

    Work is really conscience, and now a lot of low-end headphones are no sound hole in the metal dust, and this product uses a metal dust, visible conscience. Summary, the price of the most heart and mind! Shape really really like, and then sounds sound quite good, the headset is very comfortable to wear, soft, beats by dre on sale well fit the ear, the key is the authentic subwoofer, audition a bit, sound super stick, 4D surround , Then intoxicated

    2017-07-25 11:35:50
  • Moving coil, moving iron, static headset (ear plug) between the sound quality difference is what?

    Listen to the characteristics of: static headset beats by dr dre is more transparent, overtone (air sense) strong, but slightly less sense of low volume. Moving iron earbuds compared to dynamic ring earplugs, generally have a better density and dynamic. Advantages Disadvantages: static transient response fast, analytical, positioning, sound quality, high frequency extension good, beats headphones weak beats by dre studio momentum. Moving iron earplugs analysis, positioning, good momentum, IF full, but the two ends of the lack of extension. Moving circle cheap beats by dr dre is neither unique sense of hearing, no obvious advantages. Good moving circle, all aspects are good, wins in balance. Bad move, all aspects are mediocre.

    Electrostatic film voltage is extremely high, need special drive. But the inherent advantages of the details of the revealed will be very metamorphosis, but the diaphragm vibration stroke small, early version of the bass poor stax 4040 that time in fact basically solved the problem, 007 above the low frequency is completely clearance. Hear the poor, in fact, the data is very good. Moving it, natural smooth, low cost, excellent plasticity. Low frequency loose, but the distortion is relative to the highest, but the sense of hearing is better, there is a sense of air shock, blowing face. Moving iron low frequency and intermediate frequency accuracy is very high, the resolution is very high. Distortion is much lower than the moving circle, the original purpose is to do hearing aids, IF can not it. The The The The The Low frequency is hard, not naturally flawed.

    2017-07-24 11:20:56
  • Headphones are used to wear and have a relationship with good health

    Our ears are composed of three parts: the outer ear, the middle ear and the inner ear. The outer ear receives the sound from the outside and causes the beats by dr dre tympanic membrane to vibrate along the ear canal. The vibration of the middle ear tympanic membrane causes the small bone of the stapes, stapes beats headphones and anvil. The sound spread to the inner ear, the inner ear can produce nerve impulses, impulses along the nerve into the nerve, so the sound of information reached the brain. But if the headphones are improperly worn or the headphones are too heavy, the sound pressure directly into the ear, concentrated to the very thin tympanic membrane, there is no room for cushioning, so to stimulate the nerve end of the hearing, very likely to cause hearing fatigue. But also cause some systemic adverse effects, the main symptoms of tinnitus, mild hearing loss, heavy hearing and ear pain, long-term accumulation and even cause permanent hearing impairment. Brand headphones in the design will take full account of the protection of customer hearing, the sound transmission of the location, manner, sound wave will be set reasonable, and the other headphones in the design of ergonomic design concept, to provide the best wear comfort.

    1, the concept of healthy wear good headphones headphones through ergonomic design, you can adjust the headset to a comfortable place to wear, even if a long time wearing a part of the ear will not cause a separate pressure, but also in the headset design weight down lowest. 2, select the appropriate volume and use of time under normal circumstances, when the human ear to hear the volume of 100 dB, the longer the time can cause irreversible hearing damage; when the volume up to 110 dB, enough to make the human ear hair cells Death, severe cases can cause hearing loss. What is the volume of MP3? Volume comparison (in decibels): MP3 player maximum volume: 120 dB aircraft take off: 120 dB loud "play MP3: 112 dB propeller plane take off: 110 dB electric drill sound: 100 dB noisy bar: 90 dB noisy office: 80 decibels downtown: 70 db Busy shop: 60 dB General conversation: 50 dB quiet conversation: beats headphones 30 dB bite whisper: 20 dB leaves fall: 10 dB In fact, any sound higher than 85 dB can cause hearing damage, Because this damage depends not only on the size of the sound but also on the length of the time we are in contact with it.There are 90 dB per day for 8 hours, enough to cause progressive and irreversible hearing damage. The amount of hearing is reduced beats earphones by half to 105 decibels. In this volume, only 15 minutes a day, it will damage your hearing .105 dB level, the equivalent of a treble rock.

    2017-07-21 11:11:11
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