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  • What is rack software? What sound card supports rack?

    A misunderstanding:

    Rack is just a carrier software, there is no effect on its own, and even the software itself is not called the rack, in fact, called the host software. Rack is just a sound card player, an image of it, then why rack? Popular to talk about is to put the machine shelf, put what machine? Of course, a variety of audio equipment, and do not know my friends on the early nineties of last century, there is no impression of floor-standing audio? A wooden cabinet, which in turn from top to bottom on the record player, radio head, deck, reverb, equalizer and amplifier and other audio facilities, which can be regarded as a rack, of course, this is civil entertainment Equipment, professional rack are metal, shelves have a lot of holes, you can use screws to fix a variety of audio equipment in the rack, professional audio equipment, including pressure limiters, dividers, actuators, effects , Equalizer, feedback suppressor, etc., then what we now call the rack software is like a shelf, through it to load a variety of VST effects plug-in, it can be said that as long as it can be used to load multiple VST plug-in this Class software, we can call it rack software.

    The second misunderstanding:

    I just said that the rack software itself has no effect, the effect of processing comes from the rack software loaded VST plug-in, and VST effects plug-ins specific how many I also can not say, as in reality, there will be many The same brand of audio equipment, anyway, is a lot of thousands, then the VST plug-in rack load will bring different effects of different, in the end is what kind of plug-in effect is good, And the final effect is the effect of a variety of effects of multiple processing combined effect of different adjustment methods will have different beats headphones on sale effects, but everyone's voice is not the same conditions, so if we even use the same combination of effects, With the same beats by dre sale method of adjustment, the effect is not the same, the real want to have good results or have to rely on their understanding of the plug-in, it may be brought up to their own satisfaction with the results.

    The third misunderstanding:

    What sound card to use the rack? Rack and sound card connection is connected using ASIO technology, ASIO is a professional sound card driver. Developed by Steinberg Inc. A wide range of PC sound cards are professionally driven. Its full name is Audio Stream Input Output, the direct translation is the meaning of the audio stream input and output interfaces, the use of ASIO technology can reduce the delay of the system audio signal, enhance the processing power of the sound card hardware. Not all sound cards can support ASIO. As mentioned before. ASIO not only defines the drive standard, you must also require the hardware support of beats by dre the main chip sound card can be achieved. Many karaoke enthusiasts, the choice of rack sound is very confused, and debugging on the market more complex and tedious, inflexible operation, to love singing anchor, who brings a lot of trouble. As a K-song senior contenders want to recommend very useful sound card software, super sound card software, free download, a key installation, flexible operation, is a Chinese own rack, from bid farewell to piracy, super sound Male sound card software, sound-rich, you can also build their own sound effects, import sound effects, the effect of heart switch, let you play cheap beats headphones sound-free K-live broadcast.

    2018-02-23 10:20:02
  • Technology determines the quality of headphones

    Did you know that the headphones we use beats by dre frequently in our daily life are one of the most likely electronic products that suffer from shrinking quality, especially in the low-end and mid-range earphone brands? Shrinking quality, affecting the use of feelings and user experience. Such low-end products, the sound quality is almost entirely dependent on the quality of the speaker, so the fuselage material is the product of the biggest cost. In order to reduce production costs, almost all the current headphones are made of plastic. Engineering Plastics is a kind of special plastic that can meet the needs of industrial use. Compared with ordinary cheap beats headphones plastic, it has the characteristics of high strength, high setting ability and high melting point. It can even replace metal in many modern industrial applications and is an ideal earphone Shell material. However, the cost of engineering plastic is very high. At present, the price per kilogram of engineering plastic raw materials ranges from about 20 to 100. Therefore, in order to reduce the beats by dre cheap production cost, many headphone manufacturers have started playing the idea of ??ordinary chemical plastic. Ordinary plastic material in the plastic is far from satisfied with the precision abrasive design needs, so the body will often appear on the details of the humble mistake, such as "wide" body gap, poor plastic feel, and ultimately lead to product weak quality.

    Therefore, for a low-end headphones, get the product the first time, we should carefully examine the body material, which is to determine the quality of headphones, cheap beats a key indicator of manufacturing costs, engineering plastics material, fine surface treatment, A solid touch feel, is the first guarantee for the reliability of the quality of the headset for mainstream users.

    If the body material determines the quality of the headset, then the headset material determines the wearing comfort of the headset. Earmuffs are the parts of the earphone that are in direct contact with the user's head and are also the key points for obtaining the supporting force of the earphone. Therefore, the earmuff material is also an important aspect of judging the advantages and disadvantages of a headphone.

    Excellent earmuff material, the touch is light or natural, or wide stretch, but should not have dry, strong feeling of pressure, when you are in contact with a headset, you should also pay attention to wear comfort from this point evaluation.

    In recent years, with the popularity of mobile phones, MP3 and other entertainment devices, the headphone market has developed rapidly, and entry-level headsets on the headphone market are dazzling. In this case, the industry gradually appeared some unhealthy phenomenon, and some headphones are not even sold headphones brand, a variety of headphones cottage phenomenon has also been reported. Therefore, when users buy headphones, but also pay more attention to the quality of the fuselage and workmanship, and ultimately choose a pair of their own satisfaction headphones.

    2018-02-10 10:28:18
  • Dare beats by dr dre to listen to beats headphones this headset, a "poisonous" voice will be fascinated?

    As the experience of audio products increasing, only to find themselves increasingly aware of the lack of audio products, what three units four units, what circle Ferrite ring, what Diaphragm plug and so on, to me is a brand new world. Fortunately, however, with the deepening of audio products, especially headset products, ears are increasingly picky, basically listen beats by dre on sale to a few times you can roughly know the difference between headphones. Although the outer packaging is all black + red and white dotted, but open the outer box, inside the headset, silicone earmuffs, accessories patchwork placed cheap beats headphones in their respective locations, the visual sense of a grade. If you can standard instructions, warranty cards and other paper documents, folders, anti-winding storage straps, I believe this headset user experience and grade will be a higher level. Out of the color of the design, but also from the side that Ya day technology in the field of industrial design headsets. Its non-standard, after a special process cavity design, it is after I heard, I think this is where its charm.

    Circle iron, moving coil headphones, elegant day ceramic unit, moving coil unit, etc. are designed in the headset, and the use of metal casing. For our different contours of the left and right ears, the tilt of the headphone cavity is also different from the night can be blindly worn at the same time, Accor is still in the back of the headset with English logo to distinguish between left and right ear wear. In the past, most of the earmuffs are not dirty, this should be elegant timber, wear a few days down, dirt more satisfied with me, the music player to stop playing, up and down, etc. are by pressing the following, and even Press 23 to achieve, while the built-in noise-canceling microphone provides clear hardware support for voice calls.

    2018-02-08 10:13:33
  • Some common headset repair tips and methods

    Headphone failure causes, nothing more than, membrane collapse, membrane cracking, film loss, into the iron, voice coil disconnection, headphone cable break, headphone cable hardened, headphone cable cracked, shell damage, send pinhole plugging . Membrane collapse, membrane cracking, membrane loss, into the iron powder handling methods generally have broken headphones, noise, bass missing fault is generally considered to be caused by the above reasons. First of all, open the headphone shell, the first soft-sleeve to take down the soft sleeve and then use sharp tweezers and other sharp tools to pick a little bit of iron mesh and steel cover, etc., until the film is fully exposed. The hard shell may first be covered with a small, flat-blade screwdriver at the connecting seam, which can then be easily opened and eventually the film is fully exposed. Membrane collapse, the membrane collapse with a pair of tweezers clip a small piece of double-sided adhesive, gently sticking beats earbuds the membrane where it collapsed filed. Pay attention to the size of control efforts. After the membrane is restored, it can be replaced as it is. Membrane cracking, repair is unlikely, even if the sound quality will be damaged. However, the successful treatment, the sound quality damage less. That is to use a needle dip 704 glue (also called vulcanized silicone), painted in the cracks. Be careful not to be too thick to cover the cracks. Then install the shell. Remember not to try immediately, should be placed two days later try again. Because of the slow curing silicone rubber. Membrane loss, with a small amount of glue or fishpond, can stick to. Pay attention to sticking flat. Replaced placed for a day can be. Into the iron powder, with cotton swab dipped in iron dip, and then deal with membrane collapse. How to handle voice coil disconnection If the headset is silent, it is good to measure it. The two solder joints behind the measuring cell are not conductive. The voice coil is disconnected. Now most of the ear plugs are generally replaced from the side of the lead, although the sound quality will have a little impact, but it makes the possibility of lead wire shock greatly reduced. In spite of this, the unit is still often rubbed off due to human factors. A blade can be used to lift the membrane for repair, and the voice coil wire can be picked up with a needle tip. Separate the two beats by dre studio threads and then pull the thread in a direction that is opposite to the direction cheap beats by dr dre of the winding. The force should be very cautious. Note that the direction of the two lines must be different. If you can not pull on do not force to pull, and the application of a thin headphone cable voice coil will be longer. Miyazaki is best to help with a magnifying glass, the first online tin, then the tip of the soldering iron on the wire. And 704 glue the line paste in the headset film. Then stick the headphone film, the leads out of the two voice coil wire in the back of the solder joints. It is best to use hot sol to protect the back of the line to prevent it from being rubbed again. General film with a copper ring above the repair success rate will be higher, the impact on the sound quality will be smaller.

    Headphone cable break, headphone cable crack handling Headphone breakage generally occurs after the headphone jack, headphone splitter and headphone unit outlet and other parts. Headphone plug at the ear, when poor contact. Dynamic plug at the reaction at the broken line here. Cut the headphone cord from here. Then peel open the line to find the site, the core cut trim. A total of four lines are the left channel, left channel, right channel, right channel, with the color to be distinguished. For the three-pole plug is left and right channels are connected together. Headphone cable covered with insulating paint, so the test can not be measured directly with the table, should be first plated tin wire. The specific method of operation is to first apply rosin or solder paste online and then use a tin-soaked iron until the solder lines wet. Then it is best to open the headphone shell with a table measuring the four lines to check the other break. If the normal description of only this one broken. Then the soft cover off the head of the headset set off the line, the hard plastic behind the plug with a cut, showing the solder joints. Then the lines are welded one by one. General welding of two places in the most thick parts, the right channel welding in the cheap beats by dre middle, the left channel welding in the most thin parts. Two yellow line is generally the ground, the red line is the right channel, the green line is the left channel. Of course, there are exceptions, it is best to open the unit to measure. Weld check to prevent any short circuit between two. Then plug in the machine and try it. Use your familiar song (can distinguish between left and right channel song). If the opposite, then it will change about two lines (middle and the smallest spot on the line), and then test to confirm the implementation of bandaging. First with white medical tape wrapped a few laps, the thickness of the sleeve can be stuffed into. Pay attention to the line and head band together. Soak the tape with 502 glue to make it stronger. At this point you can use vices will be wrapped around the tape at a smooth place. Then apply some 704 glue on it and stuff it in a soft cover. Good workmanship can not see completely moved hands and feet. To be dry after the glue can be used.

    2018-02-06 10:29:02
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