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  • Waterproof will not fall? Sports headphones exactly what to meet

    Sports and fitness for today's white-collar workers is undoubtedly one of beats earbuds the hot spots, the author around a lot of colleagues have night or go to the gym habits, and in the process of sports who like to listen to music is also a minority, so naturally moving headphones also beats by dr dre Has become one of the essential sports equipment, everyone on his demand is also growing. So the author and we discuss the difference between sports headphones and ordinary headphones, what kind of headphones can be considered sports headphones and headphones similar to the game, headphones are also a highly targeted sports category, in order to deal with all kinds of sports Need, in appearance and function has a special design, I believe many people will find sports headphones in addition to wear, the majority of models in the earmuffs also have different shapes, it seems even weird, and the reasons for doing so In order to be able to meet ergonomics, to enhance the wear and tear, then in addition to the appearance of the different, the movement headset must also meet what? Jogging may not feel when the headset long wire will be affected, but the face of more intense Of the movement, the headset hanging out of the wire has become a cumbersome, that is, the use of ordinary clip is also difficult to avoid this problem. Sports headset was optimized accordingly, in addition to the most direct use of Bluetooth design, many cable sports headset is the wire control in a more reasonable 0.7m or so, making as much as possible to reduce the excess wire hanging, in motion will not Happen to pull. In addition, most of the sports headset also integrates the wire and the microphone, you can easily pick up the phone during the exercise, taking into account the cheap beats by dre actual use of the environment, many high-quality models will join the necessary noise reduction function to enhance the pickup effect. It is worth mentioning that, in addition to the same as the ordinary headset will be set on the wire, the individual headphones will be all kinds of buttons and microphones integrated in the cavity, making more streamlined and convenient.

    Sports headset wear solid is the most important, in order to prevent the headset free to slide out, basically using the ergonomic appearance, each design can be described as their own characteristics, but summed up or can find some common Such as some sports headphones tend to wear earrings, and some will add a similar hook fixed auxiliary structure, the other is simply combined with the ergonomic principles of the earmuffs, the appearance looks a little wonderful, but the actual wear The degree of comfort and comfort will be quite good. Unique appearance has brought a strong wearing of the firmness and comfort is not just waterproof, sweat will corrode the headset In addition, the movement will inevitably encounter sweating when the situation, this time, the necessary protective capacity of the headset is very Important, sports headphones do not need to be able to be used underwater, but the basic moisture, splash or must. In addition, sweat which there are salt and other substances, not just a simple waterproof ability, anti-corrosion is also a very important part, if this has been ignored, after prolonged use may lead to headphone shell is corroded, so sweat Infiltration affects normal work. In the outdoor night run or exercise, safety is also a very important thing, if the sports headset has a strong sound insulation is clearly not reasonable, so that will not hear the sound of the environment, car speakers and the like , It is easy to produce security risks. So we are not difficult to find that most of the sports headphones are not particularly good sound insulation, while maintaining the sound effect also allows us to hear some external voice, you can notice what is happening around. As the most important sports headphones may not just sound, wearing a solid stability, comfort, durability and so is the most important part of the sports headset is highly targeted, completely designed to meet the sports environment, and perhaps some people will Think he did not feel good, but he did ordinary headphones in the face of the wearer can not do the intense exercise of things, no annoying wire, not easily fall is not cheap beats by dr dre afraid of sweat erosion!

    2017-10-19 10:01:28
  • Headset wireless Bluetooth headset, enjoy the wonderful music world

    Now many people like to listen to music, and now the pace of life is very fast, listening to music can be very good to relax their feelings, in order to enjoy anytime, anywhere wonderful music, we need to choose a high-end headset wireless Bluetooth headset, Cool style, the design is very stylish, the use of wireless Bluetooth connection, completely out of the shackles of cable, enjoy the free music world. Exquisite fashion design, comfortable to wear, all-round to create high-fidelity sound quality, so you enjoy the sounds of beats by dre studio nature, it has a good noise reduction effect, listen to music so that you have the feeling of being immersed, you can enjoy the original Authentic music, the use of wireless Bluetooth connection, the use of more simple and convenient, you can also use it to answer the phone, life more convenient.

    Using wireless Bluetooth connection, you can connect your computer and mobile phone, you can use it to listen to songs for 20 hours, with a fever-level sound quality, so you enjoy the dynamic stereo music, when you can listen to music while exercise, With intelligent noise reduction system, it can also use the call. Has a lot of bright spots, you can make fun fashion music circle, using 4.1 Bluetooth connection, can be continuous life of 95 hours, the sound field is open, smooth sound, with accurate tuning system, to maintain excellent resolution, the use of ergonomic design, Comfortable to wear, the earmuffs can be freely adjusted for multiple angles. Fashion new favorite, open the new wave of fashion songs, you beats headphones can fold the design, easy to carry, convenient storage, with good sound and noise reduction effect, you can enjoy the clear sound, use it sounds good music, for you beats solo not beats by dre sale the same The auditory feast, listen to more details, feel the music is beautiful.

    2017-10-17 09:23:28
  • Small ears, Peng worship notes endless

    In this music has become unaware of the people of the day, music seems to have a magical effect, we habitually in the song which find resonance, use it to ease the pressure of life, and even emotional healing self-motivation. Headphones because of small and portable as the main beats by dre cheap medium to listen to music. For many people, wearing headphones too heavy, wearing a bite head pressed face easy to tired, and also more difficult to carry, compared to the figure of exquisite small and lightweight, more suitable as a music lovers pocket Preferred. Cold and black with noble red, distinctive 15 degrees angle tilt, the formation of the Senhai wood bread fashion simple and has a city atmosphere of the shape. Outside the headset line design to effectively reduce the headset and skin, clothing contact, listening to you when you bring a sense of relaxation and comfort, long wear not tired, pure sound quality will be comfortable to enjoy. The use of moving-type micro-sound unit, headphones sound rich and delicate, around the ear design to wear more stable, sound effects also inherited a consistent performance, supporting soft elastic earplugs can isolate up to 90% of the background noise, so that the environment The impact of a significant reduction, more focused on the desired sound.

    Headset special edition also uses a professional optimized lengthened twisted pair, to ensure better signal transmission performance with better portability; sub-line with Y-type sub-line, and with anti-fracture design, durability is also people beats by dre sale Rest assured; at the same time can change the line design for the future upgrade to enhance the possible. Headset configuration of the unit and a small impedance, with the phone, Walkman and other conventional equipment driver is also not difficult, fully able to release the potential. At the same time for different music preferences, there are two different headset EQ settings, a strengthening of low-frequency, a strengthening of high-frequency, to meet the needs of various types of fans. In-ear style, simple lines with rich details, fashion hit color full of eyes, as well as metal texture of the radial etching, add a sense of headphones, but also more durable. Headphones are specifically designed for pop music in Europe and America, there is no special rendering on the human voice, the high frequency is more general, but the low frequency is really enough, dive enough, flexibility is good. There is a relatively wide sound field, cheap beats by dr dre can bring a good sense of the atmosphere, and occasionally used to listen to hip-hop, pop music in Europe and America is still good.

    Headset with aluminum solid shell wrapped small cavity, metal aluminum is particularly light, wearing a completely no sense of weight. In addition, the metal material density is high, will reduce the sound of the cavity of the vibration and interference, but the thickness of thicker than plastic, playback better sound, in dealing with low frequency effect better.

    2017-10-13 09:08:39
  • Restore the sound quality of the headset, you do not know the secret

    Where do you most want to hear the sound? Is the song, the music, or the sound? Of course it is "true sound" it! Now we use the phone to listen to the song the most convenient, then how to hear on the phone "real sound" it?

    ?With a high-quality headphones is the most important, high-quality headphones to make ears comfortable ~ have a high-quality headphones is the most important, high-quality headphones to make ears comfortable ~ high frequency band using the original ceramic piezoelectric drive unit , Frequency response range from the ordinary headphones 20KHz breakthrough to 40KHz, tiny voice can feel, 13mm large caliber moving coil unit, bass full of flexibility, tri-band overtone rich natural.

    More cheap beats relaxed natural sound, more sensitive signal feedback. Then beats by dre cheap you will beats by dre find the original song is not good, is not the election of the equipment! For different users ear canal size, according to ergonomic design wearing size earplugs, select the appropriate earplugs, not only to increase the comfort of wearing long, but also let us hear the headset "real strength." Headset with a micro-moving unit, with a clear and charming voice performance and rich bass feedback, soft and comfortable, comfortable melodious, very suitable for the interpretation of popular music. Earplugs are equipped with all pointing to the microphone, support for wire and voice calls; the appearance of ergonomic design, through different ear type, solid does not fall, do not hurt the ear, do not miss the real auditory feast; Design, selection of imported materials, IPL UV, can effectively prevent the sweat into the headset, a good protection of the internal structure of the headset without damage, durable! Have different music pleasure, different high and low bass, refused to mediocre, fever sound quality, pick your love, the user can freely choose!

    ?The headset is mainly a rapid aging process for the mechanical system of the headset. Theoretically, the diaphragm movement should be a piston (vertical) movement, which requires a larger edge of the diaphragm, , The edge of the new headset diaphragm is relatively tight, flexible and comfortable small, burning headphones is to let its edge activities open, the sound will be more gentle.

    2017-10-10 09:08:15
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