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  • How to maintain the headphones of the eardrum

    In the composition of the headset can be said to be very important, it is the heart of the headset, and its maintenance is beats by dre studio beats by dre on sale critical, only the headset diaphragm is not damaged, the headset to work properly. The beats by dre new headphones because of the diaphragm has not been used, so the elasticity is relatively poor, rigidity is relatively strong, so the use of new headphones, it is necessary to slowly adjust the volume, not too large, because the sound of the General Assembly makes beats earphones the headphone diaphragm vibration amplitude Large, resulting in damage to the headset, and do not change the volume too fast or significantly, which will have a negative impact on the headset diaphragm. Therefore, when using the new headset, it is recommended to use the normal volume to listen to one to two months. In the process to avoid listening to the most exciting music, and other headphones after the run-in period, they can be better used, this is a new headset to use a very safe way. Moreover, to avoid the headset and humid environment contact, otherwise it will make the diaphragm deformation, affecting the normal use.

    2017-06-28 11:21:48
  • Flat head plug and ear earphone difference

    There are many types of headphones, such as headset, ear hanging, ear, ear plug (flat head plug), etc., according to our different needs, choose a different headset can bring more comfortable listening experience, today we come Talk about the difference between flat head and ear. But with the continuous development of the headset industry, now most people choose is the ear headphones, especially to achieve high-quality music playback, flat head plug away from the farther. The reason for this also depends on the difference between the two. From the listening point of view, in-ear headphones in the wear and sound insulation has a natural advantage, with a small size, through the catheter and a variety of silicone sets of combinations, to deep ear canal. Able to isolate most of the external environment noise, coupled with reduced contact with the air area, the sound can be directly into the ear canal, making the sound more delicate, lossless, able to use a smaller voice to get a cheap beats clear beats by dre wireless sense of hearing, to protect hearing. Plus the resonance of the ear canal, ear-style headphones in the low-frequency sense of more powerful listening more meticulous, listening more enjoyment. Flat head plug headphones are fit in the external ear canal contours, in a relatively noisy environment, basically can not listen. So many people go out to listen to the time, the headphones will open the sound is relatively large, over time, and finally lead to hearing impairment. Therefore, a sound of in-ear headphones is still very necessary. And flat head plug headphones sound through the air attenuation is relatively large, will be mixed beats earphones with external sound, loss occurs, resulting in sound is not natural enough, delicate. In the fun of playing music, flat head plug headphones are basically moving coil, ring iron structure, in-ear style earphones but contains moving coil, moving iron and piezoelectric structure, etc., and each structure of the sense of hearing is different of. So in the playability, the choice of in-ear headphones more diversified, listening more interesting.

    But not the ear headphones have an absolute advantage, flat head plug headphones headset market for decades, and now still exist, in addition to the nostalgic mind of beats by dre sale the friends, but also has its own advantages. God opened a door for you and closed a window for you. Ear-style by virtue of its natural advantage to capture most of the hearts of friends, but the headache is that annoying auscultation effect. As the in-ear headphones deep into the ear canal, wire and clothes or other parts of the friction, the collision, these external sound will be enlarged through the headset shell, and then into the ear canal, seriously affecting the normal listening. In security, the outside world is busy, wearing a headset world is yours, but the safety of travel is still very important. Flat head plug is not sound, can hear the sound of the external environment, so travel more safe to listen. In the wear, the ear headphones, although very solid, but the wear will be foreign body sensation. For this more sensitive user, the flat head plug wear more comfort, in the room when listening to the ear headphones can be compared to bring a longer time comfortable listening, especially when the sleep plug when used, personally feel It is clear. Although the advantages of in-ear headphones are more advantageous than flat head plugs, in some ways, earphones can not replace flat head plugs, such as flat head plugs, and are easy to listen. So, for the choice of two headphones, and finally depends on your own actual listening to the environment and needs.

    2017-06-27 11:30:59
  • Release binaural bone conduction headphones running the best companion

    Do not know when to start, life becomes such a look like, did not seem to have chosen, it seems like this: we live in a need to "hurry" will not lag behind the world! Dawn to start work, it is not necessarily able to rest in darkness, in such a fast-paced world, want to exercise through those complex fine exercise, in order to better cope with life, which is undoubtedly a luxury. But there is a sport that everyone can, and run anytime, anywhere - run. Running is a basic sport, but also a lonely movement, especially in the course of running a headset, while the music soothe, while sweat, the kind of vivid sense of pleasure, think of it are physically and mentally drunk. Because the love of running, so, for a long time, we adapt to a variety of traditional headphones, enjoy the kind of side of the run, while isolation of pleasure.

    In the running process, with the ear headphones isolated from the ambient sound and accompanied by stethoscope effect, we feel can endure; sweat into the ears, all kinds of beats by dre cheap beats by dr dre discomfort, we also endured; hear others wearing headphones running, We are beats by dre studio sad and sympathetic feel that it is far away from us, still self-care; even with friends running, because every time he is with a headset while listening to run, behind the friends feel no exchange is very boring, do not tell yourself Run together, and just sad again after a man running; we seem to never think why so, the traditional headphones, give us the so-called sound quality to enjoy at the same time, and took what? Quality movement? Personal safety? Sports partner Simple convenience? May have, may not only so much. Is it a traditional headset wrong? In fact, this is not the case, but the progress of science and technology, our choice for sports headphones stay in a dozen years ago, that traditional headphones prevalent, we do not have a better choice of the era! How to choose the right running headset? I think running headphones are subject to temperature, intimate, she must have the following: 1. Use of security 2. Sound quality 3. Wear a solid, light weight 4. Water and sweat 5. Durable life 6. Price economy 7. Simple and beautiful

    2017-06-26 11:49:44
  • Poor quality headphones on the body harm?

    Poor health of the headset is a problem that is often overlooked by everyone. In fact, the harm of poor quality headphones is like you put a construction site or drill bit worn on the head, if you often live under noise, physical and mental health damage is self-evident. Poor high-end headphones is a sound killer of the sound, too sharp treble is very easy to make your listening fatigue in an instant, which is much faster than the quality of low-quality bass. Many people's hearing began to decline in the young, a large part of the reason is subject to more harsh high-frequency attacks. If this long past, the most serious consequences may be the loss of hearing. A more alarming situation is: there are many high-priced headphones, their voice will still hurt your hearing and physical and mental health, the most common situation is too strong bass. How can we buy high-quality headphones?

    How to choose the headset because the use of low-quality headset production materials are relatively poor, headphones without any inspection, so bad headphones profitable. Why some of the original high-priced headphones also have unqualified problems? Today, many manufacturers to reduce the cost of Walkman to improve their competitiveness, desperately in the headphones and other accessories on the article, even if the difference is too few to attract consumption By. So as consumers to improve the sense of danger at the same time, to master some of the skills to identify headphones. Identify the earphone is the simplest: listen to 10 to 15 minutes or so, if the ear has a sense of pain, head dizzy, and accompanied by mild nausea, then this headset is likely to be inferior products.

    In the purchase of high-priced headphones, we can generally check the headset work, audition effect of these two aspects to identify the headset true and false. Original headset workmanship is very detailed, no flash, the junction is very smooth. The headset manufacturer's markings are very clear, without breaking the word, headphone cable length and the packaging described above is consistent. And fake work is very rough, the printed mark will touch out will be lost. Most of the headphones are glue sticky, the above can beats headphones beats headphones on sale see the obvious traces of glue, and as long as the effort can break the headset. Headphone cable length is shorter, the material is poor, feel more rigid. Original headphones in listening to the effect is very good, no noise, high school bass performance is particularly good; and fake headphones generally sounds sound relatively thin, like a stereo radio, no bass. And even sometimes there will be "creak" of the noise, or a volume of beats solo a small volume of the situation. So if you buy the product above these problems, then the headset is mostly a cheap beats by dr dre problem.

    2017-06-23 11:42:35
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