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  • What are the higher requirements for users who have sound quality?

    Headset to now is a relatively mature product, it is not like other technology products that have frequent technical updates to upgrade, the sound is one of the most important factors. But people listen to preferences are different, so even when the choice of headphones is more subjective listening to feel a headset is suitable for their own. Of course, the current headset products have also been relatively rich, in addition to sound quality, functional applications and appearance and other factors, but also people choose one of the factors need to consider headphones. So we may buy a headset when the face of many brands and models, issued such a question, then what should I buy what kind of headphones? In fact, want to buy a suitable for their own headphones, first or to lock their own position, and then in their own needs to choose inside the category, than the face of a lot of unknown products to be more targeted, and not There will be blind purchase situation. Then the following, we will start for everyone this topic, what should buy what kind of headphones? First of all, we have to know that we use the headset to listen to the use of some people have not considered this issue, always think this is a must, buy it to buy it, it is certainly a loss, see a lot The type and model when the back to panic. Many people of course want a headset to conquer the world, how can be used, but at least the problem is basically all the headphones have their most important function, of course, is not completely can not take into account the other uses, but perhaps not like Its main function as comfortable.

    ?For example, we use the main audio and video headphones to listen to music, certainly can not achieve the best ideal state. In fact, most people know that they need to buy headphones to do, such as beats solo people who often listen to music need to specifically for the introduction of music headphones, and audio and video users can consider video headphones and game headphones, regular voice chat for people Talking sound quality of the headset. The current headset product category is relatively clear, for each kind of crowd, choose the appropriate category seems not difficult. 1, what sound source to use to listen with not only we need to consider the style of wear, we also need to consider what we often use the sound source is what, because many of the parameters of the headset directly to determine what kind of sound source to listen to, although many people do not Understand and the relationship is not big, but after understanding for the choice of a more suitable for their own headphones is helpful. Impedance, sensitivity is the two important concepts of headphones, low impedance and high sensitivity easier to drive, portable phone source can listen, and the higher the impedance, the lower the sensitivity is more suitable for a larger thrust with the front to listen. Do not fever friends Perhaps most of the use of portable phones and their own computer to enjoy the sound source, then try to buy cheap beats by dr dre a portable style or easy to drive the style, is low impedance and high sensitivity of the headset, we can pay attention when buying headphones Take these two parameters. The high impedance, low sensitivity of the headphones are mostly music enthusiasts favorite, although the need for a dedicated front-end to drive, but these headphones are often high quality, sound control in the performance of a lot stronger, but the price is more expensive.

    ?2, in the ear or non-ear style We also said above, earplugs may be casually listen to people most often choose the style, although we can see a lot of people use portable headphones, but after all, or no earplugs as popular. Mobile phones and other digital equipment comes with mostly for earplugs, which also greatly increased the holdings of earplugs. But many people in order to get a better sound quality or need to choose a better use of earplugs, random with some of the ear, and some non-ear, then what should choose what? No doubt the ear ear is the more mainstream style, it can wear when beats by dr dre the better sound insulation, more suitable for use to carry out, and ear earplugs to a certain extent, to enhance the performance of bass, which is very important to listen to pop music of. But not the ear ear wearing a sense of wearing it is different, non-ear structure in the wear when not too much pressure, more comfortable, and non-ear earplugs are generally semi-open structure, in cheap beats headphones the sense of hearing more natural clear, many People who like the light style may be the first choice.

    2017-09-23 11:07:28
  • A Brief Analysis of the Characteristics of Low Power Bluetooth

    Low beats by dre cheap power Bluetooth is part of the Bluetooth 4.0 protocol. Previously, Nokia designed a short-range wireless communications technology, its original intention is to improve the classic Bluetooth in the course of the use of serious power consumption, this technology can provide the lowest power wireless standards. Compared to classic Bluetooth, it is optimized for low cost, low bandwidth, low power consumption and low complexity. At present, with the development of mobile phones and things only, low-power Bluetooth technology has been beats headphones widely used. Its features are summarized as follows: a low-power low-power Bluetooth design with the lowest power consumption for the design goals, in order to avoid idle power consumption, low-power Bluetooth devices most of the time in a sleep state. When a data transfer is to be made, the device is automatically woken up and sent a message to the gateway, computer, or smartphone. Maximum / peak power consumption does not exceed 15mA, the average power consumption of about 1 microamp. In the use of the process, power consumption is only one-tenth of traditional Bluetooth. Therefore, a button battery can maintain low-power Bluetooth devices for several years of stable operation. Dual connection range of low power consumption Bluetooth technology and traditional Bluetooth modulation is different. Low power Bluetooth maximum power of 10mwdb, cheap beats by dre it can achieve up to 300 meters of the connection range. Three compatibility strong Taking into account the low power consumption and compatibility with traditional Bluetooth technology, low-power Bluetooth design of the two models, one low-power Bluetooth technology + traditional Bluetooth dual-mode technology; the second is the main low-power Single-mode technology

    Four stable, anti-jamming low-power Bluetooth reference classic Bluetooth, the design also uses adaptive frequency hopping AFH technology to ensure that low-power Bluetooth can be in a complex RF environment to maintain a stable transmission. Of course, taking into account the power consumption of this technology, low-power Bluetooth technology will be the number of channels from the traditional Bluetooth technology 79 1 megahertz wide channel reduced to 40 2 MHz wide channel. At the same time, Bluetooth technology, wireless LAN, IEEE 802.15.4 / wireless personal area network, and so on are using no certification license 2.4 GHz industrial science medical (ISM) frequency band. Sharing too much of this radio wave space can lead to wireless technology in the transmission process of interference and some wrong problems. Low-power Bluetooth technology can effectively shield its interference in the data transmission process to ensure its stability and reliability.

    Five radio function Low power Bluetooth in the work mode and the same as the traditional Bluetooth, but also master from the work mode. Compared to traditional Bluetooth, low-power Bluetooth technology adds a "broadcast" feature. With this feature, the slave can inform it that it needs to send data to the master. Broadcast messages according to the specific application of different, such cheap beats as SKYLAB low power Bluetooth beacon beacon VG01, VG02 can be used in shopping malls supermarkets, customers close to a commodity when the customer's mobile phone to push some merchandise coupons and activities information.

    2017-09-22 11:25:53
  • Little Bluetooth headset, let your office entertainment correct!

    Bluetooth headset is the Bluetooth technology used in the hands-free headphones, so that users can get rid of annoying wires tied, free to freely call in a variety of ways. Since the advent of the cheap beats Bluetooth headset, has been a good tool for the promotion of business efficiency. Mono Bluetooth Headset: Single ear Bluetooth headset for wireless compact beats by dre cheap style, can be directly worn on the ear, the main function is to answer and hang up the call, you can control the volume beats earbuds adjustment. Stereo Bluetooth Headset: Stereo Bluetooth headset with neck hanging, headset, clip, glasses and other styles, and beats by dre wireless which neck and clip and other styles are wired Bluetooth headset. True wireless Bluetooth headset: true wireless Bluetooth headset and the traditional Bluetooth headset is the biggest difference between the use of Multiplexlink multi-point wireless interconnect technology. Bluetooth transmission on the audio stream can be transmitted in two ways: via the PCM interface, via analog UART. Bluetooth headset is widely used in language learning; used to listen to music; used to listen to the news; used to answer the phone, for our work and study to provide a lot of convenience!

    Bluetooth technology is the best solution for wireless headphones, intelligent devices in the rapid development of today, the future growth of Bluetooth technology is very large space. Bluetooth headset will follow this wave to promote the popularity of wireless audio process. The current Bluetooth headset brand a lot, but many details of the processing results are not perfect, only from the user's point of view, in order to create a product favored by users. So now for now, Bluetooth headset has a huge space for development.

    2017-09-21 11:20:50
  • How can the Bluetooth headset be selected for quality products?

    Bluetooth headset is the Bluetooth technology used in the hands-free headphones, so that users can get rid of annoying wires tied, free to freely call in a variety of ways. Since the advent cheap beats of the Bluetooth headset, has been a good tool for the promotion of business efficiency. Wearing a sense of comfort directly affect the use of headphones experience, decided to buy after you like do not like to use this headset. There are four common forms of wear on the market, beats by dre studio the first is beats by dre studio the ear hanging type, the second is the neck hanging type, the third is the ear type, the fourth is the wireless ear plug type. 4 kinds of headphones that wear more comfortable? According to our test, ear hanging wearing a long time outside the outline of the ears will be uncomfortable, but the advantage is really mad can not shake Kazakhstan. Neck hanging wear or comfortable, the only problem is the inconvenience of admission, not small enough to be included in the bag. In-ear style, that is, we today's protagonist, headset head design, is based on ergonomic design curvature, really the so-called long wear no pain, storage is also very convenient. Wireless earbuds, stealth wireless, which is the future trend of development, the only bad is easy to lose, it is also a small pros and cons of small ah

    Everyone in the purchase of their own Bluetooth headset, the first is certainly a choice of price segment, personally think that comfort is beats by dre cheap one of the more important factors, through our experience hanging ear type Bluetooth headset generally wear a long time will be some ear pain, At least this price segment is, generally in the ear will be better. Connection stability is a Bluetooth headset based on their official claims are 10 meters, but basically 8,9 meters will be interrupted signal, and wear a wall, glass Han, the signal will be cut off.

    2017-09-20 11:16:04
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