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  • How can the Bluetooth headset be selected for quality products?

    Bluetooth headset is the Bluetooth technology used in the hands-free headphones, so that users can get rid of annoying wires tied, free to freely call in a variety of ways. Since the advent cheap beats of the Bluetooth headset, has been a good tool for the promotion of business efficiency. Wearing a sense of comfort directly affect the use of headphones experience, decided to buy after you like do not like to use this headset. There are four common forms of wear on the market, beats by dre studio the first is beats by dre studio the ear hanging type, the second is the neck hanging type, the third is the ear type, the fourth is the wireless ear plug type. 4 kinds of headphones that wear more comfortable? According to our test, ear hanging wearing a long time outside the outline of the ears will be uncomfortable, but the advantage is really mad can not shake Kazakhstan. Neck hanging wear or comfortable, the only problem is the inconvenience of admission, not small enough to be included in the bag. In-ear style, that is, we today's protagonist, headset head design, is based on ergonomic design curvature, really the so-called long wear no pain, storage is also very convenient. Wireless earbuds, stealth wireless, which is the future trend of development, the only bad is easy to lose, it is also a small pros and cons of small ah

    Everyone in the purchase of their own Bluetooth headset, the first is certainly a choice of price segment, personally think that comfort is beats by dre cheap one of the more important factors, through our experience hanging ear type Bluetooth headset generally wear a long time will be some ear pain, At least this price segment is, generally in the ear will be better. Connection stability is a Bluetooth headset based on their official claims are 10 meters, but basically 8,9 meters will be interrupted signal, and wear a wall, glass Han, the signal will be cut off.

    2017-09-20 11:16:04
  • Subwoofer production teach you to save money to produce high quality subwoofer

    Subwoofer, is that we often used in life, this simple speaker shape smaller and relatively large price of the sound is much cheaper, and beats by dre on sale it also has some guarantee in sound quality, so this sound equipment is widely used in In our lives. Said these, we already know Xiaobian today to tell you the contents of the bar, yes, today Xiaobian to tell you about the subwoofer knowledge. Subwoofer is divided into two kinds, one is the active subwoofer, the other is a passive subwoofer. In simple terms, active subwoofer is a subwoofer that contains a power amplifier; a passive subwoofer is actually an ordinary speaker. The first is a closed speaker, this sound division is completely closed, and its structure is simple, relatively deep, clear; but in the low frequency of its cut-off frequency is much higher, which may be its shortcomings it. The second is the inverted-type speakers, this speaker is currently on the market up to a class of speakers, its special is that it has the so-called bass reflex design, so its power capacity is relatively high. The third is the band pass Lvbo speaker, this speaker beats earbuds is now relatively rare, it is actually in the first two speakers developed on the basis of, he has both traces of closed speakers, but also with the second feature.

    The first is a closed speaker, this sound division is completely closed, and its structure is simple, relatively deep, clear; but in the low frequency of its cut-off frequency is much higher, which may be its shortcomings it. The second is the inverted-type speakers, this speaker is currently on the market up to a class of speakers, its special is that it has the so-called bass reflex design, so its beats by dre studio power capacity is relatively high. The third is the band pass Lvbo speaker, this speaker is now relatively rare, it is actually in the first two speakers beats by dr dre developed on the basis of, he has both traces of closed speakers, but also with the second feature.

    This production process seems to produce relatively simple, but in order to achieve the desired effect is also very difficult, so Xiaobian suggested that when you use the accessories to try to buy some of the higher protection of accessories.

    2017-09-19 11:17:09
  • Hearing loss, tinnitus! May be related to the 12 factors that you are experiencing in your life

    Sound waves from the outer ear into the ear canal, causing the eardrum, middle ear bone vibration, vibration transmitted to the cochlear fluid, cilia will pass to the brain nerve signal, we can understand the received voice. If one of these links is damaged, it may lead to hearing loss. What are the most common causes of hearing loss? "Ask the doctor" with the American family doctor's think tank to introduce you to the 12 most common causes of hearing loss. Long-term exposure to continuous noise can lead to persistent hearing loss, the culprit is those who have been roaring machine. In the United States about 30 million people working in the face of the risk of hearing loss, China's this value will be higher. Other things such as motorcycles, power tools, etc. may also damage hearing. If you can, avoid or less contact with noise, and wear suitable earplugs at work or protect your equipment. Severe head trauma may cause abnormal or severe injury in the middle ear, causing permanent hearing loss. Sudden changes in pressure - flying or diving - may damage the eardrum, middle ear or inner ear, and cause hearing loss. Eardial injury can usually recover within a few weeks, but severe inner ear injury may require surgery. The cotton swab or other items into the ear beats by dr dre may damage the eardrum and cause permanent damage. Hearing loss may be the side effects of certain medications, including some antibiotics and anticancer drugs. So in the course of the treatment of some diseases, the doctor will monitor the patient's hearing changes, but some hearing loss may be permanent. Frequently taking aspirin, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and acetaminophen may increase the risk of hearing loss. In some cases, the associated side effects of hearing impairment will disappear after the drug is discontinued.

    Some chronic diseases of non-ear disease may cause hearing loss, some of which are caused by blood flow into the inner ear or brain. These diseases include heart disease, stroke, hypertension and diabetes. Autoimmune diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis, may also be associated with some loss of hearing. Benign tumors include osteoma, bone warts and benign polyps, can block the ear canal, resulting in hearing loss. In some cases, removing these aberrant tissues can restore hearing. Acoustic neuroma (inner ear tumor), grow in the inner ear of the auditory nerve and balance nerves. People may appear to balance obstacles, facial paralysis, tinnitus. Sometimes, you can retain some of the hearing through treatment. In the United States, about 17% of adults have a certain degree of hearing loss, sometimes by a very large, sudden sound caused. Fireworks, bolt or other types of explosions can emit strong sound beats earbuds waves, which can cause eardrum tear or inner ear injury, which can also be called sound trauma. Above all may cause permanent damage and hearing loss.

    Did you hear the tinnitus after listening to the concert? Rock concert sound loudness of about 110 or so, 15 minutes later may cause permanent damage. To know that people touch more than 85 dB sound may be hearing damage, the normal voice of the dialogue about 60 dB. Other machines that may cause injury include a blower, a cutting machine. The noise caused by these tinnitus may last for hours, days, weeks or even permanent. In order to prevent hearing loss and loss, you can use earplugs or reduce the time to contact these sounds. With the headset, other people can hear the sound of your headphones? If so, please keep the sound small! It may cause temporary or permanent hearing changes. The longer the time, the greater the sound the more likely to cause damage. So, as much as possible to reduce the volume, limit the time to listen. The earwax protects the ear canal from dust and bacteria, but the earwax may accumulate and conceal it and affect hearing. This may also lead to human ear pain, ears have a sense of blocking. If you think the earwax blocks the ear canal, do not try to clean it with a cotton swab or something else into the ear canal, which can damage the eardrum. Many children may cause hearing loss. Ear infection may cause the middle ear effusion caused by hearing loss, usually after the infection and removal of the effusion will be restored. Other infections may cause damage to the middle ear and inner ear and permanent hearing loss. Other diseases that affect children's hearing include chickenpox, encephalitis, flu, measles, meningitis, and mumps. Vaccination of beats by dr dre children can help children from these diseases.

    Some children are born with hearing loss, also known as congenital hearing loss. Although this hearing loss is usually a family history, but also may appear in the gestational diabetes born baby or mother during beats by dre cheap pregnancy infected baby. Premature birth or other causes (such as birth trauma) lead to the child was born without enough oxygen in the case, may also make the baby hearing loss. With age, hearing will gradually decline. This can be the case even if you focus on protecting your hearing. Often, aging-induced hearing loss is due to hair loss in the inner ear. At present, there is no way to prevent such hearing loss, but there are many ways to make people listen more real, such as the use of hearing aids. You can talk with the ENT doctor, find something for you.

    2017-09-18 11:38:31
  • Talking about the Influence of In - Ear Headphones and Earbud Headphones on Listening

    Many people always think that ear ear ear injury hearing. In fact, this view is a misunderstanding. There are many reasons for hearing damage, such as listening time and volume, and so on. Here mainly involves the volume problem. We usually hear the sound size is usually between 40-60 dB, so the volume should also be controlled in listening to this. The sound of the open earbuds is easily disturbed by external noise, and the human hearing will be due to noise and reflect the decline, so in a noisy environment will not consciously open the sound to very large. And then return to the quiet environment and then listen to the same time will understand this problem. Ear ear plugs because of its way of wearing, to be able to isolate most of the noise, so in noisy environment generally do not have to adjust the volume, so that hearing can play a protective role. But also because of this problem, it is recommended that you walk through the road or driving must not wear. Otherwise prone to traffic accidents.

    We often ask what kind of plastic sleeve is better, in fact, there is no unified answer. Because the size of the human ear is not the same, even the same person, about the size of the ear canal is not the same. Select the standard should look at the seal, if the seal is not good will produce a leak, the sound will be dry, burr, low frequency and other issues. Now ear ear plugs are generally shipped with a number of specifications of the plastic sleeve, so that we can choose according to their own conditions. Others say only their own situation, the reference is just to listen to the sense can be compared to determine whether the quality should be achieved, the rest of the role is not big. Ear earbuds of the sea sets and ordinary sea sets of the difference is relatively large, and plastic sets are also many differences. Therefore, alone, the ear sponge sleeve for the cylindrical type, there is a hose beats by dr dre inside. Wear sponge pinch small, stuffed into the ears, and then the sponge will own expansion, and the ear canal close. beats headphones on sale Sponge sets of the advantages of wearing more comfortable, relatively low stethoscope, low-frequency upgrade beats by dre on sale is relatively large, high-frequency weakened, the disadvantage is easy to be beats headphones on sale contaminated. So it is recommended sponge sets should often change, the other not to use.

    2017-09-15 11:32:20
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