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  • The must-see rookie wireless headset full knowledge Raiders

    In the field of earphones there is a fashion classification that is gradually flourishing. It is a wireless headset that is more convenient to use. There are three types beats by dre sale of wireless headsets on the market: infrared, meter wave, cheap beats and decimeter wave, and these three products have different characteristics. Consumers can make a few purchases before purchasing so as not to purchase products that are inappropriate.

    Wireless headset classification and features

    No matter what type of wireless headset is, in theory, electromagnetic waves are used as spatial signal transmission means. But based on the frequency of the electromagnetic waves used by these headsets, they can be distinguished as:

    Mipo (10 to 1m VHF, 30 MHz to 300 MHz) wireless headphones,

    Decimeter wave (Decimeter 1m~0.1m UHF 300 MHz ~ 3000 MHz) wireless headphones,

    Infrared (30um~3mm 10GHz~1000GHz) Wireless Headphones

    First, infrared headphones

    At present, the technology of infrared transmission and remote control has been very mature. It is as low as a TV remote control, and high-range combat missiles on fighter aircraft have adopted infrared technology for guidance and remote control. (eg U.S. rattlesnake, Chinese puppet 9, Israel's strange snake 4...)

    Infrared headphones have also been around for many years but have not been popularized. Why is this?

    From the above digital information, you can find that the frequency of infrared rays is much higher than the frequency of ultra-short waves. According to the formula: bandwidth = clock frequency x bus bits / 8, infrared communication bandwidth is undoubtedly much larger than other models of wireless headphones. This allows the IR headset to transmit the entire audio signal without any data compression. (The huge information transmission speed of optical fiber communication is due to the use of electromagnetic waves with a higher frequency than infrared as a carrier)

    Second, thanks to the high-frequency beats by dre sale signals and the minimal range of action, human factors are eliminated, and almost nothing in daily life can interfere with the work of infrared headphones.

    However, things always have two sides. The higher the frequency of electromagnetic waves, the worse cheap beats headphones their diffractive properties. Therefore, when the infrared earphone is used, it must be ensured that the earphone (receiver) and the transmitter remain within a certain direction angle. (As with the TV remote control, it is effective to aim at the TV.) And as long as there are obvious obstructions (eg, people, large pets) between the headset and the transmitter, the reception of the IR headset may be interrupted.

    In addition, infrared headphones have the following defects:

    1: Current 2-channel audio data streams do not require as much bandwidth as infrared. The new generation of 2.4G communication technology can fully meet the needs of audio transmission. (The advantage cannot be fully played.)

    2: The transmitter consumes more power. This directly limits the infrared headphones can not bring their own microphone. (Because headphones have a microphone, you need to assemble a transmitter on the headset. From the current battery technology point of view, it will greatly reduce the practicality of infrared headphones.)

    3: The current use of most products within 7 meters.

    Due to the shortcomings of infrared wireless headsets, infrared headsets are generally used in the direction of television headsets. Most of the products are mainly high-end products. In terms of audio signal and signal-to-noise ratio, infrared headphones still have certain advantages. However, these advantages contrast with the rapid development of 2.4G headsets that are slowly disappearing. The current trend of infrared headsets is gradually disappearing.

    2018-05-24 10:16:21
  • Sounds such as musical instruments are both useful and supportive

    Those who have studied instrumental music must know that every musical instrument, regardless of its size, has its own storage conditions and maintenance methods suitable for its own maintenance. Although sturdiness is an important guarantee of the instrument's quality, storage conditions are critical to the lifespan of the instrument. In addition to storing it well, it is also necessary to do a maintenance every time, so as to make the instrument's sound more and more pure, more and more personalized. The reason why audio is like musical instruments is because audio products also need to pay attention to storage and maintenance. After many good audio products have been used and maintained by professional enthusiasts for a period of time, the sound quality becomes more plentiful, as if it were fermented. The longer the sound is, the more interesting it is. This is also a lot of audio players use a device for a long time. The reason for willing replacement. So, what kind of conditions should sound be used? In general, the ambient temperature should be controlled at least between -10C and 40C, and the temperature environment should try to avoid beats solo large fluctuations. Excessive temperature changes and the use of audio in extremely low and high environments can cause irreversible damage to the sound system. In terms of humidity, the sound should be placed between 50% and 80% relative humidity. Excessively wet environments can cause premature failure of internal components or beats by dre on sale rust inside or outside the body. In addition, the power supply voltage and frequency cheap beats headphones need to be in line with the local power, and for a long time letting the audio work under non-rated voltage and frequency power conditions will also accelerate sound aging.

    In addition, the sound must avoid direct sunlight and heavy pressure. In terms of placing space, audio must first avoid excessive dust and vibration. In acoustic systems, especially amplifiers are very sensitive to environmental dust. Due to the need for heat dissipation, each power amplifier will have a heat dissipation hole. Excessive dust will not only seal the heat dissipation hole, but also cause damage to the specific circuit after entering the body. In addition to audio amplifiers or speakers, there must be sufficient space around them, especially on amplifiers. There is also the same problem with sound, except beats by dre that the source device should be activated first when using the sound. In addition to power amplifiers, we usually choose audio equipment such as a DVD player. In the process of starting several devices, we should pay special attention to the power-off sequence. When starting the machine, you should first activate the front device such as a CD player and then turn on the power amplifier. When you turn off the power, you should turn off the amplifier before turning off the front device. When turning off the power, you should also adjust the volume of the audio to the minimum, which not only can reduce the impact on the sound when the switch is turned on, but it will not scare you into a jump at the next power-on.

    2018-05-22 10:29:13
  • How to identify the sound quality of headphones

    With the popularity of personal multimedia audio players, such as MP3, MP4, PSP, etc., more and more use, due to the cost constraints cheap beats headphones of these products are not very good random ear sound quality, those who have certain requirements for the sound quality of friends began Seek third-party alternative products.

    Judging from the current market, the price of earplugs varies from a few tens of yuan to a thousand dollars, and the sound quality and quality are also uneven, and the difference is insignificant. How do these various kinds of products exactly identify and how do they distinguish their "worth"? Is it only the price that measures the quality of the product? Is a good brand better than ordinary products? I believe many of my friends have been caught in trouble.

    When watching, you must also pay attention to the following points:

    First, the same listening time; different time on the sound of judgment will also have some differences, so be sure to listen to the same time.

    Second, the same audio carrier; This is the basis for comparison, MP3, MP4 and their own quality will be uneven, of course, different players will affect the effect of music, of course, the premise of comparison must be established on the same basis.

    Third, the same music track; the same track is necessary, different music, genre different headphones show the characteristics of course, there is a big cheap beats difference.

    Fourth, the same sound source settings; music volume and related settings to be consistent, otherwise it will interfere with the sound quality judgments.

    The same people have different opinions. What kind of music, what kind of song, beats headphones like heavy bass headphones or like high-fidelity headphones, what character, hobbies, their own decisions, from the sound characteristics of speaking headphone voice types are mainly different beats headphones cheap characteristics, so the comparison is relative.

    2018-05-19 10:18:45
  • Music Headphones

    In the purchase of headphones, most non-professional users will certainly see some earphone-specific terms, but often do not know the true meaning, in the following tips we will briefly introduce some of the earphone terms.

    Frequency response: refers to the frequency range that the earphone can beats by dre represent. The general value is 20 to 20000Hz (bass-treble), 12 to 39000Hz means this earphone can perform more audio details, and the sound is "more real", 30 to 17000Hz. It means that the earphone cannot be distinguished in the audio segment below 30Hz, but it makes the bass effect beats by dre on sale "heavy" and has a component, and the treble situation is similar.

    Impedance: The impedance of the large headphone above is 300 Euro, and the beats by dre sale impedance of a Walkman Headphone is only 16 Euro; the greater the impedance, the greater the output power of the audio source, and the output power of the Walkman device is small, so it is only suitable for low impedance. Headphones, or you can't push the headphones to sound. Of course, no doubt, the higher the impedance of the headset with the output power of the beats headphones cheap sound of the sound source is quite good.

    Total Harmonic Distortion: It shows that the sound quality of the headphones is steady, clear, and fidelity. The above indicator of less than or equal to 0.1% is quite good. The average earphone is about 0.7%. The smaller the value, the better. .

    Sound pressure level: also known as "sensitivity", the higher the value, the greater the sound at the same source output power; the sensitivity of the headset is much higher than that of the monitor-level headphones, around 110db, so for the Walkman headphones The bigger the value, the better.

    Connections: High-grade walkman headphones attach great importance to the wire, different wire has a greater impact on the sound quality; another important issue is the length of the line, when shopping to fully estimate the length of their own, if you plan to always MP3 is hung on the neck or in the pocket of the jacket, then you are determined to pick the short line, and if you want to put the machine in the bag or pants pocket, you must choose the long line.

    2018-05-17 10:33:21
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